Presidential Term Limits in Russia, U.S.A. & Pakistan Warped

It seems likely that the two servings per family of a Presidency rule has been set aside for the forseeable future in the the U.S.A. and Pakistan, and next year maybe in Russia too. If President Putin follows American style democracy he will have a son or wife take the job. General Musharif’s way of term limit rollback is a bit over-the-top for Russia or the United States. He also needs a relative to carry on the democracy. Haiti and North Korea have also had leaders passed on from father to son, and of course the Marcos family in the Philippenes held on to democratic power that way for a while. Raul Castro has been filling in for his brother Fidel during his sickness.

The time for a resolution for the 2008 Presidential election approaches, the confusion will disappate as to who the rightful heir of the job is-it is time for the Republican Party to bring out the nuclear option and draft the best favorite son candidate availble for the unification of the party and leadership of the United States-former Florida Governor Jeb Bush. really

Jeb Bush is plainly the best qualified candidate with the best record, positions and so forth. Is it right to hold back the office from Jeb Bush because his brother is presently the Lame Duck-in Chief? John Edwards would be the perfect democratic candidate if he were against abortion, and if democrats didn’t think that any white North Carolinian poltician isn’t secretly a klansman just waiting to repress la raza noir, or not. Jeb Bush has no other competion with any sort of balance since Duncan Hunter isn’t doing well. Even environmentalists like Jeb Bush. Have the political growth tanks finished cloning the perfect Ralph Nadar age 50 model yet?