Why the Supersonics Should Fly Away for Good

The Supersonics with Bob Rule, Tom Merchery, Rod Thorn and later Spencer Haywood were a working class team for a working city. The present owner wants to move the team to Oklahoma City, Tulsa or the Red River and maybe beneath an Obama administration to give the people some major league entertainment-good idea. Transnationalists poach and remove for distant trophy cases.

The pro Sports owners expect the taxpayers of Seattle to buy a new sports stadium for them and moving the team is a sort of extortion lever–the public is expected to buy pro sports teams hundreds of millions of dollars and up stadiums for the owners to charge 100 dollar ticket prices in. Let the Supersonic flop go; Boeing’s H.Q. has left Seattle, the Supersonic Transport was never built and jets remind too much of the twin towers urban renewal job by Al Qa’eda to ever be a good sports pet name again.

The Supersonics can become a trendy state-of the art team in Oklahoma City or Tulsa with a state of the high tech of politics name like the Oilers. Seattle can go back to being a two sport town and with the extended seasons that will be enough for most of the year.

The Seattle City Council and taxpayers should build a 300 million dollar art and science center instead of a sweat hog super-pork barrel with continuing science and art education. A special music facility for alternative music and alternative energy should be included. Let the sports spoils go to Oklahoma City and the spring open air music festivals to Seattle. Move Sonics move-take off and fly away and let metaphors reign. Saudi Arabia is building one of the worlds largest graduate schools-Seattle must build something besides slop stadiums for the bread and circuses of a declining nation watching instead of participating for themselves. Throw up another spring marathon for Seattle, and a tour of Washington Spring bike race over the north cascades and back to spring street. Keep the space out decadence of spring and summer b-ball in Oklahoma and out of Seattle.