Obama, Hillary and Ecological Economics

Obama, Reverend Wright and the brothers of inner city support believe they can change Washington D.C. politics in four years-they have solid white support too in many locals yet isn’t that something like a Jimmy Carter approach to things? Are Obama and the Reverend Wright brothers a likely team to clean up the Bush administration train wreck-or would Billary have a better shot?

History is a broad concept; one might have a philosophy of history and speculate about the role either Obama or Hillary would have in it if either were to be elected President and somehow displace the qualified candidate Senator John McCain. Yet we shall play this game of speculating about which would be more important to Minerva the owl of history but first, an historical word about the incumbent President George W. Bush who is more appropriately situated for historical analysis. Just what has he done to set up the United States for the future?

The Bush administration train wreck could have been avoided by voters at least by the second term. The economy is now in recession, there is raging inflation, unemployment is up, oil is going for 112 dollars a barrel, the federal debt is trillions and trillions and the federal budget deficit is annually in the billions, the national trade deficit has set records, illegal alien immigration continues, the environment is in decline, fishing is bad, a war in Afghanistan is losing its victory a little at a time as the Taliban and sundry Muslim terrorists continue to attack government forces, the nation building of Iraq requires nearly a 130,000 garrison troops annually to proceed with national costs to the U.S.A. in the hundreds of billions of dollars each year with hundreds of annual U.S. casualties. With such a record the historical position of Billary or Obama (their gender or skin color) seems somewhat meaningless. History would judge either of them, if historians are sharp, on their response to the challenges facing the nation.

Americans may be a sort of people that values race or gender more than competence in its politicians. Quality is significant perhaps only to those not so well off. A people that would import foreign cars while its forefathers invented the production line, and that would import hundreds of billions of dollars worth of oil annually when it had pioneered world oil production beginning in the U.S.A. is a people that are transitioning from a creeative majority into a repressive minority reliant upon exploitation of global cheap labor to prop up its Wal-Marts-remember when Sam Walton had so many ‘made-proudly-in-the U.S.A. labels in stores?

Bill Clinton demonstrated in his second term what a President can do without a majority of his party in Congress-just adjust certain executive agency regulations and use the Bully’s pulpit to persuade Americans to pressure their congress people to vote his way-if he has a moral ability to make a public p.r. case. Obama hasn’t an ability to change Washington D.C. (get rids of the elected officials?) as he seems to believe-the President can just execute the laws congress makes and the President signs into law. Neither is the President a dictator able to fire elected officials. John McCain had zero ear-marked pork barrel bills last year. Obama had 53 (still learning) while Hillary had 250 (practice shows its her second term).

Ecological economics is an essential requirement for rectification of the U.S. morass globally that piecemeal dismantles the posterity of the nation. A nation that buys its energy from abroad cannot reasonably be expected to prosper-Americans are to complacent to produce their own energy at home or at least demand that political leaders work to that end. In 3000 years at present population growth the weight of humanity would be more than that of the planet Earth. I have been mining a brilliant text on ecological economics recently that provides data on the irrational growth driven policy of neoclassical economics-even John Stuart Mill realized that economic growth cannot be sustained at the cost of environmental harm. Politicians must be able to rationally evaluate environmental ends and comprehend prioritization of ecological continuity. For the slow learners in the business and political worlds everything that the market entails can be bought and sold in a universal perpetual motion economic machine that will recycle with complete efficiency its own waste products. That violates the first and second laws of thermodynamics. The Earth is finite and qualitative growth in a steady-state economic sphere that does not reduce the natural biosphere is necessary for sustainable human life on Earth and for a quality U.S.A. Neither Bomb or Billary have expressed positive plans to move into a steady-state ecological economic direction.

As a tool for globalist subversion of the Government and people of the United States the election of a Kenyan (African) citizen Barrack Hussein Obama, who also holds U.S. citizenship would be of historical significance. Barrack Obama as a citizen of Africa could have dual loyalties as well as unknown Kenyan brothers and sisters, some of whom could be affiliated with Al Qa’eda. The concept of electing sons or daughters of visiting sex tourists to the highest political office of a nation isn’t a novel way of breeding foreign conquests. Historically royal dynasties have formed liaisons and alliances of powerful international houses through marriage or unmarried sexual relations (sex in this instance isn’t defined as surfing in Hawaii). Barrack Obama’s failure to comprehend the tone of American interests is perhaps a consequence of being raised far outside the heart of the nation-in Indonesia and Hawaii, each of which are farther east of Salina Kansas than Denver.

The Democratic Party’s observers await the hidden Obama to go off during the primary season, when he reveals his true core beliefs and loyalties. It is evident that the candidate for the U.S. Presidency is an elitist and not a centrist, a tool of special interests from the extreme and not an ordinary American from St. Louis or Oklahoma City. What hidden beliefs really motivate the son of a Muslim and father of a Muslim, each of whom live outside the United States on two different continents?

While Senator McCain in all likelihood will be elected in November 2008, the rhetorical firestorm from the Democratic Party may be intense as the extreme Democratic Party leaders in Boston and San Francisco believe they have backed Americans into a virtually captive political condition without much choice and must vote for a radical. While the Democratic Party congressional leadership seems mealy mouthed it is hard to hear any sort of environmental economics policy reform from them (I am reading a text on the subject presently at it is genuinely radical). The United States not only has an ignorant neo-classical growth oriented economics pursuit, its leaders do not comprehend the inexorable wrong logic of reduction of the quality of the global environment while building up a population with finite resources on a policy of increasing consumption. The bad news is that the development of environmental economic policy in government will trail the destruction of the environment and degradation of the political and social environments too by at least a half century; I reckon it will take at least two generations for economics to move beyond its neo-classical quagmire.

The selection of Barrack Obama for President would foist a race qualified neo-foreign neophyte upon the American people to guarantee the further erosion of U.S. sovereignty with an open Mexican border bleeding away the labor wage rights of non financial service sector, non white collar or medical industry and government worker U.S. citizens. The election of Hillary Clinton would sap the concept of term limits, and thus John McCain with his independent fortitude able to resist encroaching alien and retarding forces is the sole viable candidate for the office in 2008.

The failure of moral political leadership in 2008 is significant; in California Arnold Swz. as Governor of that sorry state advocated support for the abomination of homosexual ‘marriages’ recently. His father was a Hitler S.A. military radical (the S.A. was initially a radical homosexual organization-the storm troopers-of Aryan supermen violating every moral law in the revolutionary state to create a way for Hitler’s Nazi Party to take power). President Bush will attend the Beijing show piece Olympics while Tibetans are brutalized by corrupt police and military forces. Tibetans have a right to be rid of oppressive Chinese communist-fascist tyranny and exist as a confederated state. The brutal repression of Tibet should be a warning for Taiwan-and perhaps Taiwan should base more advanced weapons able to counter-strike a Chinese putch one day. At the minimum President Bush should wear the armband with the pre-invasion flag of Tibet if he kow tows to the Olympic opening ceremony in order to get post-presidential corporate contracts for special interests from the Red leadership. Barrack Obama isn’t advocating total closure of the Mexican border and reinforcement of the terms of N.A.F.T.A. simultaneously with a renegotiating of N.A.F.T.A. to exclude Mexican trucks from entering the United States-that is a failure of moral leadership too, as is his support for abortion and notion that ‘guns and religion’ are the opium of bitter white masses in Pennsylvania.

If Americans are simply daft followers of whatever economic and political power is presented to them by the corporatist global powers and their broadcast media then they will acquiesces in these ‘Deemocratic’ party extremists that are not hardly solid, simple and democratic at all. Yet there is light at the end of the tunnel-at least every 20 years the Democratic Party runs some good candidates (1992)-yet the down side of that is that they picked the wrong one then anyway.