Jesus Christ; Friend of Mankind

I think it is possible that Jesus Christ (aka ‘God’) can become the best friend of a living human being. One should be cautious about making such a proposition in a social context in which the hierarchical priesthood displaces the right priesthood of believers that should have followed the crucifixion and Pentecost. For practical organizational reasons elders in the pre-electric, chaotic social era in a Christian Church structure of meeting had more responsibility that just anyone to understand and carry on the ideas of the disciples and the Lord. Paul did his missionary work until beheaded in Rome writing letters and visiting city churches, and evangelization of Jesus Christ the the pre-eminent purpose of his life since meeting the Lord through a epiphany on the road to Damascus. In a social context when the concept of Jesus Christ is sold to anyone in order to create a revenue stream capable of supporting a myriad of proselytizers can the real Jesus Christ be found?

Just yesterday I heard one of a gaggle of broadcast preachers talk about people lacking ‘an intimate and personal relationship’ with Jesus Christ. That is it seems that though one has faith and believes that Jesus Christ was God in the form of a man and was resurrected there is still the obvious lacking of finding him lounging along the waterfront or river-walk some place today. The Lord should be a specific guy that maybe appears differently to different people and he would be in an ‘intimate’ relationship not unlike a non-sexed Mariah Carey who is a hovering miniature ‘good conscience’ figure and spiritual adviser who disappears out of the atmosphere conveniently whenever others might show up with crass ideas-so what does it mean to have Jesus Christ as one’s best friend, really?

God created the entire universe, and that mystery of origin from One that became a plurality is rather eternally inexplicable to us humans I think. Cosmological theories at some point must always posit an eternally existing universe in some form or other that forms and perishes, reforms and changes, or another that came into existence from nothing hypothetically always existing materially as a part of a past or present universe-this form of thought leads to a belief in God that created the Universe.

The philosopher Plotinus developed Plato’s cosmological ideas in a neo-Platonist work of essays called ‘The Enneads’. That book endeavors to explain how ‘The One’ emanated everything else. Jesus Christ in such a context could be considered God or The One in such an appearance that intelligent beings created by The One could comprehend him, or meet with him through faith. Wouldn’t it be a good idea then to have God-creator of one’s self and everything else, as one’s ‘best friend’? How does one go about developing a relationship with Jesus Christ such that he is one’s ‘best friend’?.

Practically one should have a new testament Bible like a little Gideon’s Bible with one for a lifetime and often read a chapter or two and learn well what the word of God is really about for oneself. As God is a transcendent being and Jesus Christ is the lawful way to have a relationship with the absolute perfect being one should have the laws of God written on the heart and mind. Jesus Christ was the perfect example of the laws of the old testament lived in a spiritual context. The old laws were designed to lead people to a right relationship with God through external observances, while Jesus Christ exemplified what one would be like if they could be acceptable to God because of the way they were without need of the external laws that permitted superficial following of God while the hearts were far from Him. Learning about Jesus Christ and seeking to follow His will will conform one over time unto the will of God that is knowable to humanity. God as Jesus Christ will become one’s actual best friend-though he is transcendent and not quite like an Earth friend presently.

The concept of the Universe has several philosophical appearances about which a human make consider. I like to consider some of the physics cosmological aspects of quantum uncertainty such as is expressed by experts in the field. Like more classical philosophical expressions of perception and dimension quantum mechanical uncertainty implies that dimensionality and reality are intelligible interpretations of some sort of sense data a mind configures for-itself. Quantum mechanical super-positioning means that space and time may be arbitrary constructs of phenomenal experience. Jesus Christ might then interact with humans that have faith from a super-positioned quantum cosmological field. I don’t mean to imply hocus pocus mysticism here such that the laws of physics might be altered now and then. It is likely that determinism of the unified field was conformed a priori to the teleology of God.

In the midst of all the quantum uncertainty and improbability of the existence of anything at all the wonder of having a friend in Jesus is even more marvelous. He can rescue those that are willing from the extreme challenges of original sin and the imperfectness that leads people too turn away from the reason of God.