On Determinsm

Determinism follows from initial boundary conditions that permit a limited or pre-determined number of forms or states to develop over time. In the case of a singularity that formed the Universe following an expansion the boundary conditions would have been the composition of the singularity; if it were incapable of phase changes such as were matter and anti-matter, if space-time could not emerge from an infinite, perfectly formed point of infinite density the pre-determined state might have been the existing state; one might consider eternity as a pre-determined state that is the actual and unchanging state.

The paradoxes of the initial singularity that would form the Universe, if there was an initial singularity that formed the Universe instead of something else such as a zero-dimensional membrane that generated the appearance of matter, mass or energy in a somewhat illusory way through the interaction of other zero-dimensional membranes creating an appearance of dimensions, coincide with ideas about The One or God that the neo-Platonist philosopher Plotinus wrote about in his 54 tractaes named The Enneads of Plotinus…God is eternal and perfect as The One-so why create forms or emanate anything to exist such as a Universe?

Actualization of boundary conditions of a Universe following an initial design or smaller, primordial structure means that a pre-determined condition is a necessary condition of the actualization of ingredients. Every plant that grows, such as a mustard seed, is pre-determined to become a mustard plant–and such is the fate of all genomic endowment structures for actualization as what they are on the basis of their initial boundary conditions. One must insert a disclaimer here for any broken forms that fail to actualize there growth potential because of flaws or environmental externalities of an egregiously averse kind that might abort potential for actualization.

The theoria of determinism received a lot of impetus of an affirmative kind through the development of modern science and Newtonian mechanics. Some bragged that given knowledge of initial conditions of the Universe they might predict its entire fate; advocates of free will excepted human beings from the boundaries of determinism on a premise that the mind allows the violation or symmetry breaking of natural causal laws. Perhaps with the principle of general relativity one might say that human beings have the ability to intentionally shape their world lines in ways not possible for inanimate objects or events without human sentience implicitly resident.

The prospects for determinism seem to exist even in Chaos theory where an indefinite chaotic program will eventual yield one of three pre-determined states of the constituent members of the chaotic class of objects–that seems a logical principle in the context that a pervasive, universal logic seems to exist locally and non-locally regarding the association of point particles or objects, intervals, forms and the laws of coherence that provide bonding and permutation forces in events. Such events comprise time-space material existent phenomena-determinism in a sense might be thought of as some kind of probablistic assurance that certain physically coherent structures will continue to exist and not randomly disassociate.

The Universe has many unknown and perhaps unknowable structures in its quantum mechanical realms that seem to avoid the limits of the event association patterns of the regular dimensions of the Universe. These events of quantum super-positioning and quantum entanglement have an unknown yet seemingly profound relationship upon the events of the standard dimensions of the Universe; in some ways they seem like the backstage strings or wires that move about the scenes and players on the globe theatre strutting and fretting for an hour amidst sound and fury signifying nothing to those that believe its all wild and undetermined.

The idea of extra degrees of freedom of motion and of thought is one of the desirable aspects of indeterminism. The quantum mechanical potentials seem to add a random indeterministic element of freedom to experience-yet if a life is pre-determined it does even so present itself as wild to the individual without prescience experiencing the life-and though Jesus foreknew His fate on the cross he did obviously experience the event as quite a horrible experience; he asked if the cup might be relieved from his drinking, yet said that nevertheless Thy will be done…

Initial boundary conditions set for any given constructed system pre-determine the following conditions for the system including range of motion and elemental compositions. One thinks of stellar synthesis over three generations and the new chemical elements created, many of which exist on Earth-and also the new chemical compounds created naturally on the Earth through a number of processes including organic, and realize the importance of conserving the biosphere of the planet in order to allow the maximum actualization of potential components of existence in order to increase the actualization of the initial boundary conditions of the Universe.

One might believe that God has eternally actualized all possibilities of existence including pre-determined temporal boundary conditions within an infinite number of Universe. Knowledge and coordinate event actualization would be boundary conditions that could serve to define order and structure capable of supporting pluralism and the potential for pluralism.

Why would The One construct a pluralist actualization of all tings-I guess it might be a necessity of being Omnipotent to eternally actualize all things that are good-and that requires much work. Maybe one cannot associate the six days of creation with Einstein’s equation or discovery that a billion years is consistent with a thousand times a thousand and apply that time value to the creation of life in the Universe (times six). What a day is according to measurements using the speed of light for the measuring stick within parameters of general relativity, if it turned out to be a billion or two, would do nothing to clarify the differences between the eternal and the temporal, between one Universe or an infinite number of universes, or the way in which beings with limited intelligence far short of omniscience experience the travel through the pre-determined, pre-constructed Universe.

The temporal Universe seems like a reciprocol of the finite mind in which it can experience emergence, change and evolution as a process of actualizing temporal forms.