President Obama; Policemen’ Acted Stupidly’ Protecting Cambridge MA Property

Contemporary history understanding may benefit a little by the reading of literature. When President Obama commented on the arrest of Henry Louis Gates at the front door of his home by a Cambridge police sergeant saying the police acted ‘stupidly’ it was plain that he probably read Uncle Tom’s Cabin while growing up in Indonesia.’ Such sensitivity to the plight of black men returning from China that appear to be trying to forcibly enter a home and that become belligerent when challenged by a white policeman trying to protect property of people in Cambridge Massachusetts plainly shows that the President knows that Cambridge policemen are invariably racists. That the policeman was doing his job attentively instead of taking bribes for helping to sell organs illegally like some New Jersey politicians indicates that he needs remedial training to learn that people wearing suits don’t break in to houses (a tip for burglars to avoid being improperly dressed).

The Police Sergent probably has some sort of breaking and entry tools in his luxurious police cruiser and rightly ought to have helped the black man break into his home directly without asking racist questions. Policemen in metropolitan Boston and surrounding areas should never accost black men trying to break in the front door of a Cambridge home. Uncle Tom was no Malcom X, and if Malcom X were alive today breaking into home only racists white police pigs would insult him by challenging his personal identity as a human being.

The President’s understanding of American history helped him to select Judge Sotomayor for the U.S. Supreme Court, who said that he could judge better than any white man or something such as… plainly white men in Massachusetts are racists and sexists, and also live 8 years longer than black men because of the ethnic conspiracies of Boston and surrounding areas.

Just so much time exists in life to accomplish an expert depth in comprehending the past.. As journalists learn particular methods of finding ‘news’ to report, not much including reading the latest Harry Potter novel, historians learn of the past without much regard to ancient fiction unless they are historians of fiction. In is essential that fiction and fact remain clear. Propaganda or ‘rave is truth’ sentiments may be popular amidst the corrupt however historians must try to have some sobriety in their assembly of information with which to form general theories of the past. Intuition and inference are fair enough tools to use in try to full in gaps in understanding of past events and eras as an historian conjectures about the unknown, it cannot be sufficient to present a record of the past though. The historian must plainly know what is fact and what is possibility.

Reading history books is far more important than is reading fiction to learn the truth about the past.. In some societies it is impossible or impractical to write other than in fiction about the present-the ‘Secret History’ of Procopius allowed him to remain alive. Soviet authors sometimes had to write hidden meanings into fiction works in order to express ideas and facts repressed by the ruling powers. In the United States it can be difficult or dangerous to write concisely about ad hoc structures of oppression. Much of history is never written because it is the point of view of the oppressed in modern society. A financially trashed author could not have the stable writing environment of one that does, and thus the production by the establishment writers may be far higher than that of the forced into poverty through ad hoc means writers. History does not record such phenomena generally.