On Holocaust History Obfuscators and Select Censorship

Political organizations of power not uncommonly deny the reality of inconvenient political facts. The United States denied that a democide was occurring in Iraq because of the sanctions and Saddam Hussein being in power. A lie about WMD’s had to be the reason for the 2003 war-no one faced up to competent post-war planning. Trillions of dollars andtens of thousands of casualties was the result. The common truth goverrnor that makes a government incapable of pursuing or recognizing the truth within a reasonable margin of error was in effect. Human social organizations are not usually a lot of Richard Feynman’s, but of apprentice, would be Joseph Stalins. So many deny the holocaust happened-oh vey!

Helium deleted six articles I wrote on the 2008 election. They said they had no editorial interest. So far I haven’t got a trace of where they went or of how to recover them. In the modern internet era of the cloud we believe as writers that what we have published is permanent, yet it isn’t so. Too commonly Internet publishers simply disappear content we believed was permanent. The Nazi sympathizers that deny the history of the holocaust pioneered that effort to deny history perhaps. As time moves on past the event that is politically incorrect today it is simply denied. The past may have no editorial value to those that prefer a different version or account of what happened. If the Nazis had won the second world war those inclined to deny the holocaust would probably be bragging about it instead and claiming that it was their relatives that manned the gates of the death camps, invented Zyklon B or censored impertinent Jews with hostile political opinions in the 1920’a and 1930’s before they could be liquidated terminally. Those that forget the past are doomed to repeat its evils. Many wish to remember history from the point of view of a brave new world, yet honest historians and philosophers like to remember it as it actually was in order to stand upon better foundations for continuing to pursue the structure of truth where it leads.

In the late 60’s I met a woman with the Auschwitz concentration camp numbers stamped permanently on her wrist. She was a survivor.

Famous deniers of the Holocaust exist with the President of Iran-Aminidinijab being the most infamous unlearned individual. False-conscious or lying convincingly to oneself isn’t a new thing.Sartre wrote about false consciousness in his book written in occupied France-Being and Nothingness ((published in 1943). We like to have permanent political and sociological records to help understand the reasoning of humanity during evolving periods of history. I have written seven volumes of such contemporary history in the ‘Waveform Politics’ series beginning in 1999. With the instant deletion of my political writing during 2008 probably in support of Honest John McCain those ideas and the place they had, though small, in the streaming flow of ideas is now lost forever. Many powers would delete history for their convenience and lose their credibility as reliable keepers of records. With so much cheap digital storage there are no technical reasons to delete content without advising authors first. in order that they may conserve targeted, dissident material.

Deniers of the history of the holocaust may publish counterfactual propaganda in advocacy of an false historical record. Deletion of exiting material is important in establish the credibility of the false history. In most middle eastern Arab countries there is probably little true information regarding the holocaust and they way the Mufti of Jerusalem was a Nazi sympathizing collaborator with the fascists. Historical confusion created by the social support of lies as historical fact is probably one of the causes of protracted Arab and Palestinian poverty and terrorism. Without true and objective history mass confusion sets in and the limits on calibrating social truth increase contemporaneously with the inability to pursue ration political objectives. A culture of the perpetuation of dissimulation overcomes right moral social order as an egalitarian democratic society with increasing good social values.


The Nizkor Project is dedicated to the memory of the holocaust. Unfortunately it also targets white nationalists as the main deniers of the holocaust accomplishing on the front page a persecution of white people and an opposition to nationalism and socialism. We wish the Jews survivalist mentality would not have such hindsight that they put themselves in a bad as de facto advocates of globalism and communism. That is a kind of blindness utterly remarkable considering the history of Nazi Germany. The world today doesn’t need non-white fascist movements or globalist attacks upon national sovereignty, private property and democracy any more than it needs white fascists violating the rights of non-whites. Epimetheus is the ‘goddess’ of the past. It is difficult to journey along with Prometheus walking backwards, to stop and stand like Lot’s wife gazing forever at the wrong direction. If Prometheus had amnesia or delusions he would probably wander in circles alternatively.

The pursuit of a good, rational society and global ecological economic policy with a stable population cannot be accomplished with the creation of falsehoods of omission or commission. Such historical and political sins exert a will within a non-consequential existential political context that is illusory. Ignorance and the continuity of a culture of ignorance and dissimulation miss the marks of intelligent and positive natural law and progress as good neighbors rightly should. Perhaps the effort to be wise and just is too much for many of today’s megalomanical globalist of fascist, Mohammedan and Corporatist kinds.

The holocaust denials of organizations and politicians create time consuming opportunity costs for forward human progress within a challengingly declining global ecological health. There are innumerable ways that weapons of mass or designer mass destruction might target the world for another round of pervasive general holocaust. The genocides of the mass should not be forgotten or minimized from anyone’s history. Instead the conditions that lead to such activities should be researched without transfer of guilt to the wrong generations who are in fact entirely innocent of blameworthiness. Future democides could occur simply for global population reduction to sustainably low levels. In an acrimonious socially imbalanced political environment the human condition will obviously not be moving full speed to progress on solving the most challenging issues facing the world today.

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