Tolerant Intolerators of Intolerance

‘Tolerance breeds’–is that true? Can tolerance breed intolerance? Does tolerance breed? Let’s say that it does. Tolerance breads intolerance like one might horses or dogs. Tolerance is a kind of abstract thing. One tolerates a wheel wobbling on a car and drives at high speed until it falls off and thus intolerance naturally follows. Either one never again tolerates wheel wobbling or without a wheel to wobble tolerance of such cannot occur. Tolerance may be considered to be a kind of marginal error permissible because it’s concatenated deviation isn’t too significant–especially if one isn’t going anywhere.

In the North however magnetic north may be to the east or west rather than North. Tolerance of deviation of compass azimuth/heading may not be tolerated by those without a g.p.s. Yet it is possible to find more tolerance and intolerance in political affairs commonly than in position in grid coordinates.

Toleration implies that one has a choice of being intolerant. That a good position to be in, better than having no choice at all.

How would it be to be a Jew and have no choice about intolerance for Nazi’s stopping to deport you to a concentration camp in 1941? They should have been intolerant rather than tolerant of the putch party if they had a choice. Tolerance is however the yin of the yang and vice versa–the dark and the light, the apposite to the opposite, the being to the nothingness. Sometimes it’s right and sometimes its wrong. The determination of what should and should not be tolerated follows from the conservation of individual liberty within a democratic context; things that reduce it should not be tolerated, things that impinge upon privacy should be stopped at the door or over the border.

Tolerance can be viewed through the perspective of piling up public debt. A little is tolerated,then more, and more and finally 12 trillion dollars going on toward 21 trillion. One would be an intolerant ‘deficit hawk’ if rationally intolerant of public debt approaching a year’s gross national product. So let it go.Nothing is real. Its strawberries and marmalade fields forever,uh huh.

Tolerance is presumptive of a right of repression. One either has equal rights or not. no one has the right to be offensive, all have the right for self-defense. What’s to tolerate in that? Intoleration is said to occur when the offenders are met with resistance in whatever it is–people have a right to keep h.i.v. out from getting under their skin haven’t they? What isn’t tolerated generally is intelligence and the pursuit of happiness that doesn’t accord with the mass delusions in pride about what is possible economically and socially. The strong tend to rule and usurp roles of individuality and intellect. Society gets stupid and even hierarchical corporations and churches becomes intolerant of intelligence, innovation, intelligence and individualism.

Too big to be corrected, majorities tolerant of their own corruption, and that expect it in all others comprise a kind of Prince of Darkness that want’s its finger in every pie. With mass economic and environmental delusion the lemmings happily run over the edge into mass disaster and everything becomes set anew to tolerance in demographic remoteness.

Tolerance connotes a decadent society confident that debt and sloth, corruption and conformity to political idiocy have no potneital consequences. Maybe the advocates of decadence breed intolerance when those aware of the increasing moral and political perfidy start writing iin opposition to the protracted wars, mass deaths behind cordon sanitaires such as occurred in sanctions era Iraq, reliance on foreign fuels and production, destruction of the ecosystem–when political opposition to stupid and nationally destructive policies becomes loud. To the ‘tolerant’ that give everything away, subvert every valid non-hierarchical religious impulse, pervert every youth, abort every potential genius or inventor of faster-than light travel and drop their drawers to every southern border illegal alien destroyers of U.S. wage labor value the dissenters are ‘intolerant’.