Sarah Palin, 2012 and Pipelines of Global Warming Disaster

Sarah Palin was a fairily large fish in a small pond in 2008. Senator John McCain was probably happier running with an attractive younger women than with some crusty older guy. Former P.O.W.’s and combat pilots can get a little cranky–Sarah was likely a more agreeable candidate and would attract X voters.

Presidential Candidate needed someone that wasn’t ugly to draw voters away from the charisma of the Obama candidacy and the voice with rising intonation at the end of paragraphs.
Palin’s success as the first X governor of Alaska was a good choice for the Republican party in that state a little disenchanted with another term as Governor for former U.S. Senator Frank Murkowsky who had appointed his daughter to fill the seat he vacated. Alaska only has a population of 600,000 plus and several governors have been elected from small town backgrounds. If one is quite ambitious and gets some meaningful politically correct qualifications its not too difficult to achieve state office in the right circumstances. Sarah Palin’s family of origin was a fairly well established set giving her a good platform for a college degree and political ambitions a chance for fulfillment. Personally I believe that confidence in public speaking an an acceptable demeanor is about all that’s required for the post of state Governor. I do not believe that a record as being a governor is a sufficient qualification nor requirement for being a president of the United States.

A U.S. President should be nationalistic and very well read in global history. He or she should have well developed ecological economic theory. To return to Sarah Palin however…
Palin has no ability to mechanically separate her own interests at all from trans-national corporate fossil fuel interests evidently. I will criticize her trans-Alaska and Yukon Canada pipeline policy in order to convey an idea of why her devotion to oil is wrong. She has little ability to develop a non-transnational political philosophy that would benefit American citizens and the environment as first priorities.

A Sarah Palin plan to devastate a wilderness and create more global warming infrastructure is a consequence of an importunate Alaska natural resource domination by foreign and trans-national corporations that control state politics with intense monetary and political, if not intellectual capital. Far too many accept the natural payout without considering the effects upon the future of state and national independence. An anarchic industrial drift is not in some way a better form of capitalism though its sycophants might say so. When the fossil fuel era has outlived its environmental usefulness the green still inertially rolls on.

Unfortunately the oil industry’s wealth and power determines adversely the direction of the state’s energy development for they can buy political influence and fealty to their in some cases royal personages. For non conformists the choice economically may be to be set adrift on icebergs alone in a global warming era. In order for the extreme foreign influence to be reduced in Alaska, and reduce the adverse Alaskan national influence upon national economic policy such that it could be recovered into democracy serving the real interests of U.S. citizens rather than elite, aloof trans-nationally wealthy corporate interests, state politicians would need to fund alternative energy developments in Alaska such as wind generators to power municipalities such that they are less reliant upon corporate oil profit sharing.

Alaska’s extreme reliance on oil development continues to determine nit’s political and social policy. Concatenated such policies nationally are making the United States a kind of corporate overflow contingent holding tank. Far too much U.S. economic development is supported by federal policies actualizing foreign investment rather than national investment.

In a state like Alaska with fewer than 700,000 people and twice the size of Texas in area, with many resources, the fossil fuel retardation into critical decades of alternative social and political development is a corollary of the corporate neo-authoritarian tendency to repress and punish through dismissal political expression of a non-corporate agenda. The democracy in Alaska independent of corporate oil policy is moribund. When government policy is to reinforce with its income and allegiance foreign and trans-national oil corporations, when media broadcasters target dissenting political opinions on environmental issues as communist-when the issue of economics and political ideologies are entirely separable, the specious political philosophical reasoning becomes evident.

Writing is simply one way that democratic opinions may be expressed. A democracy’s strength is in diverse real opinions rather than in a toadying to a single industrial domination. The rights of semi-pro writers to express opinions is equal to that of any corporate broadcasting communications, who are more socialistic organizationally than any of the oppressed environmentalists they seek to starve into submission or exile for recognizing the adverse effects of large scale fossil fuel pipelines corrupting wilderness areas.

China recently announced that it plans to get 40% more energy from increasing efficiency or present resources recently. Increasing efficiency environmentally rather than crass, vast sprawls of pipelines is what the United States needs to work upon as well. Without being a global environmental leader with a stable population and an increasingly healthy infrastructure with the well being of all citizens minimally reinforced at least the future of the United States as a global example or role model isn’t bright.

A Palin candidacy for President in 2012 would be the best way Republican’s could guarantee a re-election of an Obama administration. President Obama seems set to expand the war in Afghanistan for the remainder of his administration at significant cost until 2012. Voters will want a change though he assures inn 2011 that ‘the job will be done then’. Probably the 12th Imam will return and draw the attention of the Taliban away from continuing hostility to the Afghan government in 2013.