Time Ticking On Pres. Obama’s Chance to Have Democratic Majority in Congress After D.C. Homo Marriage Act

President Obama may lose a Democratic majority in the November 2010 election if he lets the Congress acquiesce in establ;ishing marriage as a bisexual institution in the U.S. Federal District of Columbia. After the D.C. council voted the redefinition of marriage to mean two adults of either gender the U.S. Congress had just 30 days to veto the move. If it lays down and accepts the gender change the voters may have a reaction at the polls in November.

Perhaps with a spending plan to dump 10 trillion dollars of public debt before 2020 the doom of change to perversion may have a good unintended consequence-a Republican Congress may provide a more rational budget (yes I am joking) that spends less than ten trillion in the red as a plan, and also pass a national defense of marriage act in 2011.