Plastic Haiti; Floating Banks and Continents

The way the islands roll and tear the time
of plastic crust and contents of prayer
brings collision and crashes to trash the tapes
–measures of articles and moments without faith

For what else runs with the media of dread
and locks of hair arise with the dead
planets theories of abandoning lunar scapes
when progress of wind socks run far abroad

Faster Earthquakes restructure each shaken plastic fury
slower progress and geodesics lines plastered walls down
for all to their dream of pain and networks
bodies broken and government artfully buries the past

With remainders for the revisions unsaid
vectoring another way outward bound to 2050
with new dawns profitable and tomorrows gathered
shapes of response fade with three billion ahead

Those profits of structure that slough rising into being
artfully imply the usual way no one knows
screened from seeing the real world
it is the reduction of Gödel’s incompleteness theorem
confined to constructing knols
with cream puffs at Davos.