Two Qualities The Next Supreme Court Justice Should Have

President Obama’s second choice should be a strong supporter of clarity and openness in legal contracts with a full disclosure principle as a goal. Fine print may obfuscate and technically nullify the principle that all contracts for legality must have consent of all parties involved. Corporatism has tended to obfuscate truth, hedgemonize the marketplace and throw disequilibrium into free enterprise with advantage to the in-siders.

Without ecological economic principles within a strong national prioritization criteria the future of the United States is less bright than could yet be secured. Corporatism and globalism’s advantages in the broadcast media, in business and adverse influence upon government at all levels has controverted significant portions of the premises of the founders in violently overthrowing the globalist government of the day. A decadent court with no military service history heavily invested in foreign or trans-national corporations is hardly one to be much concerned about democracy and equal rights for all citizens free from the inherent encumbrances and control mechanisms of global corporatism.

John Paul Stevens, like John Paul Jones, had a substantial regard for the liberty of the United States and for Americans. The next Justice should exceed his record in defense of U.S. Independence.