Obama Energy Plan a Corporate Globalist Sychophancy?

No right thinking environmentalist would support the proliferation of hundreds or thousands of nuclear power plant or offshore oil drilling–each are dangerous insults to the global environment. Yet the Obama energy plan provides support for both.

During the campaign, President Obama talked about ‘clean coal’. He referred to the idea of sequestering global warming greenhouse gases in coal underground, and seemed unconcerned about other deleterious impacts of coal mining such as mountain to removal, leaching of toxic chemical into waterways or underground mining disasters.

Rational environmentalists realize that the ocean is becoming a toxic chemical soup by degrees, and that the ocean ecosystem is being depleted of large fish with significant evolutionary changes ensuing that cannot be reversed. Global warming may cause the ice sheets to melt, stop the Gulf Stream from circulating and bring about a requirement that Arctic polar bears receive refugee status and relocation to Antarctica with the loss of polar ice. Significantly, nuclear plant waste cannot be disposed of on Earth properly. In recent years international mafias have dumped radiological waste offshore in ships–perhaps there is a Chicago Plan to dump nuclear waste from the blooming of hundreds of petite 45 megawatt plants into Lake Michigan for ‘long term storage’?

The only real solution to the energy problem would require a government Department of Ecological Economics to direct criteria that would support national economic renewability within ecologically efficient criteria. There are three present governing factors that negate U.S. efforts to create a viable economy with full employment and renewability. They are

1) As the economy heats up fuel imports and costs rise causing exports of U.S. cash unavailable for domestic investment or saving

2) As the economy heats up cheap Mexican labor drives down wages, accelerates a building boom and corrupts rational development planning within ecologically healthful parameters. When recession follows from an inflated development rate many illegal migrants leave to enjoy there profit in Mexico until the U.S. economy recovers. A non-migratory workforce is required for any semblance of a balanced, renewable economy with wage and price stability.

3) The globalization of business corrupts domestic politics, cherry picks jobs to outsource and prevents a national, democratic ecological economic preference for citizen prosperity and a completely effective social safety net.

Nuclear power and offshore oil drilling may be favorably considered by certain amoral, unconscionable Republican politicians lacking a national patriotic fervor to conserve vestigial wild America, keep offshore waters pure for good fishing and fisheries health, prevent the construction of radiological waste producing easy targets for terrorist blow up with conventional military explosives–yet they have an ally in the President who has decided that compromise with evil is a virtue, and calculating that the Democratic conservationists are in his pocket bound and gagged so he can cut a deal with Republican of the evil global empire persuasion. The President has made a mistake in that regard, and his energy plan as it is presently is probably bound to fail.

The health bill was a quagmire beneficial for corporate political power rather than for the relief of the poor and suffering. I know that my personal hernia surgery repair costs about 3500 dollars and hour for four hours–since I have earned just about 4000 annually the past several years, that is nearly four years wages for repair of a couple self-employed on the job injuries. The Presidential perspective on health care was that of the effete rich, of Harvard (can we ever elect a non-Harvard-Yale-Oxford President again?) and Lawrence Summers, of non-renewable, expensive, impractical greed-economics. The energy plan is just as bad or worse.

The nation could construct super-conducting power lines in liquid hydrogen cooled below the freeway pipelines for electric car recharging and for a faster energy grid. Transcontinental 1000m.p.h. electric rail-gun trains could move freight to local terminals for electric-truck local shipping. There are lots of solar, wind and fuel cell electric vehicle and home-power generating possibilities for national development that could be constructed if a Department of Ecological Economics or an intelligent President existed to drive such a direction forward toward the finish line of the elimination of public debt and ecological decay.

Cetaceans of the seas likely are traumatized by 264 decibel offshore seismic survey sono-blasting that goes on interminably in many regions of the ocean. It must be far worse than enduring bad music from neighbors with ultra-tech blasters at full volume, or the worst of car audio hop low rider-cruiser suburban sonic assault vehicles. It may be why some whales choose to beach instead of remaining in the sea to endure no more the incomparably bad broadcasts. P.E.T.A. seems silent on this offshore issue–that compromises the creatures with the largest known brains in the universe. There must be an alternative method of seismic survey testing besides air-blast waves in the ocean–yet who is researching that?

When an administration has a ‘let them eat squid’ attitude, we can only wonder about the future of human life on Earth in a pervasively polluted ecosystem.