Offshore Oil developments Assault Health of World’s Oceans

The massive oil spill from an exploded offshore oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico below the Mississippi River is an example of why offshore oil exploration and drilling in the Alaskan Arctic is such a bad idea. President Obama signed off on that development of course, in an ethical compromise with Republicans in order to gain support for his energy plan. It was Barry Goldwater I believe who said ‘extremism in pursuit of virtue is no vice’ (I believe). When President Obama signs off on ethical compromises in pursuit of political objectives he may indeed reflect former President Richard M. Nixon’s political style, yet without President Nixon’s depth of political understanding all that is produced for the nation is an avalanche of mediocrity. While it is true that the sludge of Obamanism is less deleterious than that of former President George W. Bush who was most skilled at spending political and public capital, it is an ecologically unsustainable course. The environment is uncompromising in its turning a cold shoulder of death to those organisms that repeatedly and decisively violate its ‘partnership with life’ to their own advantage.

If such a disastrous oil spill eventually occurs under the winter arctic ice it would be very difficult to access before the spring-summer melt to stanch. Just one seafloor wellhead corruption could decisively kill vast region of the Arctic marine habitat, and potentially radically alter the Earth’s northern albedo index through a cascade of alteration of environmental characteristics impacting sea ice formation.

A network of Atlantic Coast and Appalachian wind farms tied through superconductors to Rocky Mountain wind farms may be able to supply much energy for the energy-inefficient U.S. electrical consumerist sink—that course should be encouraged while marine ecosystem and marine chemistry integrity destroying offshore oil developments ought to be halted and Executive Operating Officers of Major Oil Corporations given fair jury trials and jailed for crimes against the environment when such spills occur.

Such permisiveness in environmental assault is a consequence of the too big to fail or be held accountable dispensationalism given to global oil corporations that have addicted the United States to oil consumerist slavery. It is theoretically possible to liberate the public reliance upon global oil for energy, with the incredible scale of damage to the environment and alternative economic and ecological opportunities lost to the polluting, trade deficit, liberty sapping oil industry as it has been the last century. The Coast Guard has a 10,000 dollar fine for just throwing a candy wrapper out the window of a ship in San Pedro–such oil spills and transmogrification of the ocean composition just once should place BP out of business in the United States for good.