Science, Christianity and Faith Issues

Truth theories may be variable, and need to cohere with present definitions of what truth is. Christians believe the sole constant valid meta-truth is Jesus Christ as the Word of God. Some super-string theorists may find variability of constants as a fact, that is time and the laws of nature are not eternally static.

One may develop an infinite number of theories about anything, including of course, history and historical writing.

Regarding the numerous aspects of any ancient material such as the Bible, it is common that many offer opinions upon it from the basis of ignorance complete or partial. Such faulty reasoning is excusable generally only when guesswork is all that is possible. That is not the case with much of the Biblical discussion and content.

If one cares little about error philosophically, one should be inclined to promote ideas perhaps for political reasons or for receiving particular rewards rather than discovery of truth. Truth has a pervasive meaning of referring to accuracy between subject and predicate, or confirmation of a predication as accurate. Fundamentally it posits the coordinate relation of an internal or external object and verifies the relation as existing or not.

Truth theory itself of course has numerous forms in philosophy that I won’t detail here. In physics and math there are numerous methods of discovery of various relations and representations in quantum mechanics I have been reading recently, that may present several courses for transformations about real and imaginary axes. What coordinate in a representational system is true except in a reference to it regarding something else?

One may formulate various verbal or conceptual descriptions of God, or the Creator of all that exists , yet one generally does not posit an internal, subjective idea as corresponding to any external object or being directly. Representation of exterior or transcending objects or material or spiritual facts may be made with ideas, or even necessarily are made with ideas and words or other abstract symbols, yet few would mistake those representations for the things-in-themselves. God obviously would not be mistaken for a subjective idea,or even a subconscious idea, any more than one would posit Mt. Everest to be just an idea within one’s mind.

Epistemological interpretation of real objects make occur within Kant’s noumenal phenomenology of mind. Quantum mechanics can describe incompletely various representations of eigenstates of particles without requisite that one visualize the states of quantum field elements. What Mt. Everest is for-itself without human cognitive interpretation or transformation into a realizable object is difficult to say. We would tend to regard Mt. Everest as a quantum field of certain characteristics, and might relate those to other reference structures in space-time abstractly, and with complexity. God would be far more complex, and really impossible, to describe with in terms of particular quantum field states–he is bigger than that, and more uncertain or undefinable regarding particular characteristics that might be quantified.

Germs have not always existed.They are said to be an evolutionary development of an historical nature. Bacteria and viruses developed at different times. Eukaryote and prokaryote evolved dissimultaneously it is thought–yet who can be certain? The soft tissues don’t fossilize well at all.

To define the meaning of germs linguisticaly is to construct parameters in which germs have then potential to be said to exist. When germs were discovered and named,linguistically they might be said to exist thereafter.

In biological history, the existence of germs may again be contingent upon a definition and function of their relationships to biological life forms. Microbes are another term for germs. Micro-organisms are pervasive and earliest hypothesized things to live on Earth commonly. The wikipedia article link describes some of the history of micro-organisms.

It has little relevance to the veracity of a Biblical theory of life though, since Adam and Eve were interpolated from an extra-dimensional space-time or pre-space-time environment onto the Earth at the Garden of Eden (guarded by four cherubim possibly representing the dimensions of space-time (4). If the fated pair of fallen were translated into a fallen temporal Earth already in an advanced state of evolution, or if the entire universe were created at that point as if it had evolved, it makes little difference to the veracity of either science or religion. As in super-string theory there are lots of possible forumulae or structure to theorize with. We thank God for not providing Adam and Eve with advanced physics and biological data in the garden of Eden period, for their descendants might have blown up the world and even caused more offshore oil spills earlier in human history.

The Bible is not a book about science. The Old Testament may be considered a brilliant historical work and the New Testament a group of epistes or letters. The 66 books of the Bible each differ and yet have similarities. One might read…

by Chuck Missler for interesting ideas about it. Many authors have sought to learn more and deeper meanings from the Bible.

Many since the enlightenment have sought to make categorical denunciations of Biblical veracity-yet that isn’t a very valid approach to reasoning about it. Following is one obvious equivalence of Biblical literals to American normal time literals–keep in mind that in real modern physics there are quite a few ways to refer to space-time, mass, energy and so forth that are very surprising to us not accustomed to thinking in terms of quantum mechanics. God’s power to transform reality or even to create the present Universe exceeds whatever we might think about it as contingent, temporal beings. U1,SU2 and transformations of multi-axis coordinate maths extrapolated to infinite dimensions are probably trivialities to the Creator of all possible universes. We can admire Abelian and non-Abelian guage theories anyway. Or use simple math and Peter’s multiple.

Methusela 187 Lamech 969
Lamech 182 Noah 777 years
Noah 500 Shem, Ham,
950 years
1,556 overlap subtotal 8,575 years
overlap minus 1,556 years
Adam’s birth to Noah’s death total 7,019 years
Noah’s time after the flood minus 300 years
Adams birth to the end of the flood 6,719 years
One Day to God as a thousand to man literal value
One year to God is for man 365,000 years
Patriarch’s before flood literal conversion x 6,719 years
Time with Petrine literal conversion 2,453, 235,000 years

2,453,235,000 years before Christ’s human birth is rather close to the geological, scientific time scale hypothesis of the creation of life on Earth in the Proterozoic era. The oldest life on Earth was considered by evolutionary biologists perhaps to
be cyanobacteria.

All (u)’whoman’ knowledge is contained within the Universe that is contained within God. Some may to put up and knock down straw man arguments, or use ad hominems and other logical fallacies in order to attack the realms of absolute spirit and so forth. If one wishes to give them credit for good intentions and speculate that they art misled by other worldly or wrong ideas about the Bible and of God, one may do so though risking extending social credit too far possibly.

Good science is a process of learning. C.S. Peirce, inventor of pragmatism, believed scientific thought needed to have practical value. Some such as Smolin have written at length about the problems with the scientific method in super-string theory, in that testable, falsifiable hypotheses seldom arise. I think that engineering of scientific and mathematical knowledge has the potential for much malleability, of innumerable transformations of structural relations of mass and energy. Philosophically however the rash application of technique can be viewed as potential harmful.

Seldom are scientific ideas adequately reviewed by society before their application. We experience the complete incompetence of drilling offshore for oil in what is essentially a vulnerable food production area of the planet comprising 7/10ths of the planetary surface area, of Minimata chemical tragedies along with those of Bhopal.

Christians may fairly be skeptical about worldliness, yet J. Vernon McGee (I believe) said that the worldliness Christians are warned of is that of the cosmos, or the cosmopolitan community of mankind that is as inflammatory and unstable, oppressive and cruel simultaneously as all of the worst extremes of human history from Sodom and Gomorrah to Auschwitz and the Killing Fields of Cambodia, Rwanda, and so forth.

Christians hope to follow the Word of God and pursue enlightenment and salvation through the grace of the Spirit. Some wonder what the spirit is, or believe paradoxically in nothing except the formation of present quarks, dimensional strings and their changing forms.

One must be reserved in speculating about the meaning or meaninglessness of concatenations of strings of one dimension struck from a unified all dimensions phenomenality such that after a reduction into light speed and physical law parameters the dimensions create myriad different particles, atomic, chemical and spatio-temporal configurations inclusive of the living process we call life.

Life and spirit are things of God. One’s poverty of faith and reasoning may bring one to find various mutually exclusive and exhaustive relationships where none exist including that of scientific inquiry and faith in God. I think that is a tragedy since the phenomenal nature and temporal phase-form of life viewed perhaps by those well–educated in quantum mechanical cosmology may have much in common with the Biblical point of view regarding the brevity of life expressed by Solomon and in Ecclesiastes.

-from the King James version

“13Happy is the man that findeth wisdom, and the man that getteth understanding.
14For the merchandise of it is better than the merchandise of silver, and the gain thereof than fine gold.
15She is more precious than rubies: and all the things thou canst desire are not to be compared unto her.
16Length of days is in her right hand; and in her left hand riches and honour.
17Her ways are ways of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace.
18She is a tree of life to them that lay hold upon her: and happy is every one that retaineth her.
19The LORD by wisdom hath founded the earth; by understanding hath he established the heavens.
20By his knowledge the depths are broken up, and the clouds drop down the dew.”