Internet Digital Radio For U.S. Citizens Should Take AM-FM Airwaves

To save democracy in the United States AM-FM radio broadcast frequencies should be given to Internet digital radio use for citizens registered with the FCC locally. The present power of concentrated wealth to buy and operate radio stations, to purchase hired guns to brainwash the masses politically, to put out the stupidest possible programming in order to dumb down society and sell product is harmful to U.S. national interests and political independence.

The most optimal technical use of digital radio and Internet podcast technology should be created to allow U.S. state citizens an opportunity to have their own slice of local radio airtime to broadcast their own works. Censorship of select obscenity would be easy to digitally accomplish automatically by computer. Other than deleting standard obscenity, the content would be free speech unlimited.

There are many citizens that would broadcast a far higher intellectual content than today’s broadcasters. Free enterprise should develop in far more ways than exists today. Local Internet podcasters could also sell advertising to local businesses.

Citizens of particular citizens would be given priority in receiving a local am-fm digital Internet broadcast slice. With federal study to determine the best technical means to provide the most local radio broadcast time to local citizens, existing burst radio transmissions and newer digital transmission radio manufactures could dial in local broadcasters for a more stimulating national radio environment.