Judge Bolton Kills Job Hopes for Millions of Americans In Gutting AZ 1070, Receives Death Threats

Illegal aliens from Mexico largely are here to take jobs. With so many Americans unable to find work the presence of 18 million illegal job seekers is especially irritating to U.S. citizens. The Democratic Harvard legal class is a supporter of illegal alien workers in the U.S.A. Those illegals drive down the value of labor in the southern states and make it very, very hard to find work in Phoenix and elsewhere for northern visitors. If it were a chess game, the illegal workers are an army of pawns displacing U.S. pawns on the U.S. side of the border. Happy judges believe that an existential corporate and federal bureaucracy without exploited individual trade work and labor is the future for us all-yet not in this world lifetime for many will such a bureaucratic utopia occur. Happy judges may side with them, because them is global.

When the Obama administration choose to keep Americans out of labor jobs in the south that can be filled by illegal aliens working for less than half the minimum wage, and to expend 34 billion on extended unemployment benefits and another 33 billion of a troop splurge surge in Afghanistan it killed the hopes of many American workers for a level field for cash earnings this fall and winter. As long as they have heat in the White House in the winter so its like Hawaii,the President is o.k. with illegal aliens and defeat of American efforts to keep illegal workers out of the job market by the millions.

Illegal alien workers kill the ambient labor market. With tens of thousands of illegals in Phoenix available for easy casual hire why would anyone beside corporate hire an American citizen at labor ready or labor finders in Phoenix. I rode a bicycle at 3 or 4 in the morning for miles to wait for hours one year and could not get work.

The only interesting thing that year was watching the space shuttle orbit overhead. The space shuttle burned uo flying over Texas one day. That was all that happened…no work for some of us Americans President Obama has burned up the Orion program to return Aericans to the moon. Government lawyers are fully employed of course–they have no competition from illegal aliens in the legal profession.

It occurs to me, that Judges and lawyers have passed a state bar exam and are the least mobile members of society occupationally. They practice law in one state, know everyone and the particular laws as best they can, have the most detachment from the ordinary laborer’s employment realm of volatility and insecurity. They do not comprehend that male Americans out of work commonly travel interstate to find jobs–even temporary jobs. Deciding to let 18 million illegals saturate the southern labor market does real harm to the poor working class that are citizens.

Female Judges are never subject to the draft for war. Judge Bolton effectively attacks U.S. sovereignty and for national defense against illegal labor competition form illegal aliens in sympathy with the Harvard agenda of elite socialist-corporatist globalism. A bureaucratic-organizational promotional interpretation of law for economic and social advancement does not coincide with the real world of structure of macroeconomics and its relationships to material production and competition in the long run. Neither do these judges comprehend direct trade occupations of unstructured kinds that are fundamental to economic existence.

The U.S. Supreme Court is also increasingly full of non-working class judges with aloof Harvard connections fully detached from the world of working, lint laboring Americans. These judges are pro globalist and make federal and corporate bureaucracy the sole meaningful reality around which they construct abstract layers of politically correct security for themselves while gutting the real economic health of the nation.

Judges are all politically biases in the United States. They are graduates of particular elite Universities at the Federal level and don’t work physically for a living. Such judges would not be in the Poor and Middle Class Conservative’s Party. It is not surprising, though it is regrettable, that Judge Bolton receives death threats following her importunate decision to eviscerate much of Arizona Bill 1070. When make a decision on such an issue of importance to many, even the statistical number of irate drunks with telephones would produce a volume of ‘off the B’ utterances. If she had decided for the law, the threats from adverse Mexican Drug cartels might have been quite or not made at all; she might have just been terminated.

Perhaps even the author of footprints received threats and persecutions in the United States; Americans are of such a disposition that the globalists and their lackeys will persecute anyone for not being a proper sycophant. It is hard to compare theistically inspired poetry with maladroit and evilly inspired legal decisions of course, yet they are each made in the U.S.A. If judicial decisions are eventually outsourced to Mexico for $1.98 per judgment, perhaps the federal budget will be balanced and judges vote more against illegal alien lawyers and outsourcing of legal decisions to judging boilerplate sweatshops abroad.

Most modern judges have political class ties in the United States inimical to actual practical work. The judiciary is increasingly corrupt as is Congress and the Executive branch of Government. From my philosophical point of view its simply Toynbean decay as usual. One doesn’t live forever, so one gets political and economic relief in the next world at least, and removal of the ruling class is impossible anyway.