Why Democrats, Republicans and the Tea Party Fail Common Sense Economics

The Democratic Party of President Barrack Obama has become more dominated by anti-morality issues than of common sense economics. Some regard the Democrats as the Gay Party or the Party of Abortion,and many democrats would not vote for any party that does not regard those as essential issues.

When the democrats lost their economic issue prioritizing as shifted to anti-morality and atheism the L.B.J. and Tip O’Neil era economic competition to Republicans was lost. The economic innovations of Richard M. Nixon simply will not arise in a modern Republican who have developed globalism as a priority in order to concentrate wealth for the financial elites. Ronald Reagan’s one-off/not to be repeated deficit spending and budget breaking extreme unction neo-Keynsianism has become the normal state of affairs for Lillyputian economic theorists. This is not a good situation.

When the Democrats lost morality they lost economic interest as Democrats as well and the Republican Party became the shelter for those of traditional morality, yet the financial elites could take the economic interests of the poor and middle class for granted because the morally inclined would have nowhere else to go. To vote for a Democratic President was to vote for abortion and homosexuallity-many Americans would rather let America have concentrated wealth and a vast number of poor uninsured Americans rather than vote to gay up marriage and the military.

Conversely, many Democrats would rather gay up marriage and the military than have a concern about the economic situation of the poor in the United States. Democrats as a party of anti-morality atheist middle-class feminists support the perennial revolution of illegal alien immigration with paths to citizenship because they aren’t poor white or black males suffering from a perennially soft labor demand because of over-supply.

Democrats are the last to be affected by illegal immigrant labor and so just don’t give a damn about stopping that flow for good. They aren’t white or black males and should be Democrat Party supporters for a generation or two, they think.

The Tea Party operates with the wrong idea that cutting taxes and federal spending simultaneously will balance the budget or pay down the federal deficit. Actually to avoid a protracted losing economic scenario the U.S.A. should let the Bush tax cuts lapse, cut some federal spending and make a goal of reducing the federal debt to 8 trillion dollars instead of the present of 13.4 trillion dollars. The interest on the debt is a serious, progressive waste that soaks up capital that could be better invested elsewhere.

The economic policies of the Tea Party, The Republican Party and the Democratic Party fail common sense economics that would restore financial well being to all of the citizens of the United States from the bottom up. The willingness of ignorant prosperous citizens to accept a social philosophy that ‘the poor will always be with us-so screw them’ or an economic determinism making an inevitability of poverty is the result of pervasive ignorance and brain lock phenomena arising when the Occam’s razor of economic intelligence indicates that one need not learn of experience of others or think much about anything beyond one’s own immediate material interests.

Poverty is not a necessary condition for a democracy nor a benefit to general increase of the ecological and economic quality of life of a nation. Vestigial retro-economics-hoary, ancient classical economic thinking was brought into the 20th century via the principle of mediocrity in politics. It can and should change.

The U.S. public debt is rising more than 4 billion dollars each day (and has since 2007).