King Herod’s Tomb Discovered in 2007-Subsequent Excavations Provide Confirmation

An interesting article in Biblical Archeology Review (BAR) describes why the late author (died in October 2010 after an archeology accident at the site) believes much evidence exists to support his conclusion that the tomb of King Herod the Great of Judah has been found in Israel.

Herod built a city 12 years after fleeing from a Haesmonian rival, Mattathias Antigonus, supported by Parthians. Herod fled toward Masada and battled with Antigonus at the site where he would build his city. Herod won the battle and was reappointed King of Judah by the Romans.

King Herod remained ruler of Judah until the birth of Jesus Christ around the year 4 b.c. Fittingly he died about the time the true ruler of Israel was born.