One Wonders About Calibi-Yau Spatial Dimensions

‘Decoding Reality: The Universe as Quantum Information’ by Vlatko Vedral is an interesting read-even human D.N.A. has characteristics of a quantum computer it seems, yet information too may be a part of a deeper purpose to the Universe (teleology).

Reading Nadis and Yau’s ‘The Shape of Inner Space’ one gets a sense of dimensions for-themselves, or at least their geometry. Reading that I got a few ideas though I haven’t completed reading it. I would think that information or content of the Universe, its energy and dimensions would be integrated in The One initially and meta-structurally continuously though the slope described by the functions changes in time.

-photo credit jbourji public domain

One must wonder if each dimension has its own time dimensions, if there is just one time dimensions or as many as space, and if the values of a time dimension are a differential of a function with a given spatial dimension? Could time dimensions be in different ‘shapes’?

If these extra very small dimensions are wrapped up and finite factors of the existing dimensions there are innumerable ways to regard them. Perhaps the possible mathematical-geometrical configurations/shapes of dimensions existentially afford reception of mass-energy with sufficient force into as many dimensions as the initial mass-energy criterion profferred at a proximal beginning of a Universe(1) such as out own Universe of experience.

Rather than dimensions against independently as space-time it seems philosophically acceptable to integrate dimensions as existing things only as they are actually used by mass-energy. Alternatively if dimensions are fields that receive rather than are formed by mass-energy initially, one wonders about the field strength of any given dimension, or n-dimensions.

If dimensions vary in strength or charge that may affect the relationship of any given dimension to other dimensions and mass-energy within and without a given dimension. If dimensions change size-are they formed as multi-dimensional dimension fields, must they be integrated in a meta-dimensional field, will an initially endowment of energy of a dimension, or its anti-dimensional mate if they are produced in pairs or groups) be diluted as a dimension expands?

If dark energy or matter occurs within a given dimensional configuration expanding or being attracted along dimensional potentials, are these a vacuum energy ‘static’ energy of dimensional strings or membranes following some protocol of unwinding?

At what point did all dimensions not exist compacted to an initial singularity of The One? With Christmas time approaching Jesus Christ as the One issuing The Word to begin provides a reasonable place to contemplate the end of this comment.