About Decoy ATM Magnetic Readers

ATM machines present opportunities for thieves to copy the data on your card and photograph your pin number. The Lebanese loop and card skimming are two common methods.

Theives place an extra, camoflaged magnetic card reader (cost-about $300 via Internet) in front of the ATM’s card input and a tiny camera overhead to catch the pin number from the keypad, or locking the card after hours (get it after the user leaves) and retrieving it with a sticky technology allows theives to use the data on a blank card or to use your actual card to withdraw money until the bank changes the account information. The billion dollar annual corruption can be more than a slight inconvienience to victims.

Some suggest a careful inspection overhead for anomolous pinhole cameras or to simply use one ATM machine that you regularly inspect. Perhaps preferring instore, indoor machine that offer less opportunity for theives to place their fake magnetic readers and cameras in place advance security a little. The bank robbery form of identity theft is another derivative of the volatilization of money flow methodology.