Will Humanity Overcome Itself and Build A Sustainable Ecological Economy?

This time of year one wonders if U.S. political leadership will arise to lead humanity to full employment and a robust ecology that are sustainable facts of biodiversity-it seems unlikely.

Instead a feminized corporate global sprawl of organismic faithless amorality seems to be flowing to all regions of the globe to replace the local human life forms and culture. Sure one can argue that there are poitical cretins that need replacing. Yet degrading humanity to an amoebic form of acquiesing yes blobs seems a way to reduce human propects for sustainable life generally.

Corporate machines producing wealth unsustainable distributed to trained minions without an incorrect brain wave in their mind politically speaking sur won’t work to keep strong U.S. nationalism or civil liberties much less a vigorous non-corporate free enterprise.

One might ask if great buildings are designed by Adam Smith’s invisible hand-if non-sentient anthropomorphism is expected to design a better freedom tower or a wandering hollow mountain range housing a 100 million people? If the answer is no, then why should we accept the premise that irrational anthropomorphism will best design the world’s ecology?

The world’s ecology does require design today as much as any office building. The health of the ocean and all its fishes requires intentional design for health, as does biodiversity, a wild habitat and enough food to provide for every single human being adequately.