Nature’s Happy Economic Guides

One of the wonderful things about life in the United States is the prospect of perennial job insecurity. Nature provides us with perennial insecurity of course and lack of federal financial regulation of Wall Street helps support nature.

With uncounted numbers of dark wandering planets flung away from stars flying about space we may be assured that one may mass near enough to Earth one day to rip the continents apart with its gravity and literally make mountains fall into the sea. Even now complex financial products on The Street may be set to leverage a buy out of the new high tech factory in North Dakota scheduled for the year 2040, part it out and relocate its core guts to China.

In 2012 another President guided by the Chicago School and conservative Harvard globalists may be elected to carry on the elimination of the U.S. working class and relocate the poor beyond the U.S. border in order to convert the U.S.A. into a nation of middle and rich Americans with foreign guest workers to do the media tasks.