My Philosophy Books at

My philosophy books at lulu are basically compilations of my philosophical essays on a variety of topics I have written on the Internet since about 1999.

I would think that essays on ethics that I might write would tend to be inclusive of political and social philosophical paradigms and a real world tranching of values. I learned that word -tranch recently in reading ‘The Age of Greed’ and also ‘Quants’.

The cosmological circumstance of the Universe humanity experiences and the state of the environment and human nature existentially are essential elements of interest I think in describing an ontology of experience. My philosophy writing thus isn’t specifically limited to purely ethical issues, although it depends a little upon what one means by ethics.

Meta-ethical human behavior is a function of phenomenal linguistic parameters inertially flowing along as well as historical aggregations of social experience. Reading Sartre’s ‘Critique of Dialectical Reason’ may develop a foundation for tossing in all the later scientific facts and economic history that also go into forming a ‘complete complex of compresence’ as Russell might have put it.