Quantum Set Emergence & The Cave of John the Baptist

Set theory replete with brackets serves to illustrate for some the concept of quantum creation of a Universe de novo (from nothing). Some mathematicians have actually found that through logic one might create subsets of an original empty set and end up with the appearance of something. So obviously one might postulate that virtual particles emerging from the jitters of quantum uncertainty might emerge to create enough mass and energy space flow to create a universe.

If that isn’t an exact description of creation-oh well. For God the entirety of creating a universe from a null set is likely to be a significant issue. Transcending empty sets the infinite being of God may be free to regard all of creation and the universes that might ever be as something like any given period at the end of a sentence. All scale would be relative.

Of course some things cannot be scaled up or down and still exist we might believe without changing the essential nature of the elements used to comprise the things existing in a universe. Shrinking down a human to the size of a pinhead wouldn’t work because of the comparatively absolute value sizes of atoms, neurons and the forces of nature. Shrunken down they would not function. We might expect God to transcend that sort of limit and if sending a universe into any particular space time with its temporal and expanding nature He would make things with constants or variables appropriate to the criterion.

Any sort of abstract representation of constants and variables of mass-energy and or space-time made mathematically could be regarded as comprising a local subset of any possible or potential enclosing metaset of constants and variable values that might encapsulate the constant and variable values of space-time, mass and energy that coincide with the physical description of this Universe. A comparatively finite set of values within the observable universe and a potential infinite number of sets beyond that would allow the variables and constant values of this universe to exist collaterally.

So that brings me to the topic of the interesting book on the cave of John the Baptist-he had to have a cave you know. The archeologist Shimon Gibson actually excavated a cave in the year 1999 and in subsequent years a few miles west of Jerusalem that very likely was used by John. The hills were then regarded as a wilderness.


There are some carvings on the walls of the cave that were made I believe during the Byzantine era by a monastic of the evangelist. The book that Shimon Gibson wrote ‘The Cave of John the Baptist’ on the excavation has a lot of really fine material on the region that the author is familiar with from youth.

God may set any sort of detail into any given universe ever willed to exist I would think. The entirety of the realm of quantum uncertainty would be his quantum computing capacity if it were significant enough to represent even a fraction of His infinite construction capability. That implies neither that the Universe or all possible universes are determinate, nor indeterminate. It is simply reasonable conjecture extrapolating from the given knowledge of existence floating about the modern world.

So God chose to send His Son to what is effectively the crossroads of the world at an important time in the evolution of mankind on Earth and of Gaia-the short name for a self-regulating ecospheric biosphere. If people were able to use even a fraction of the good nature and intentions of God they could overcome their demographic and biochemical environmental abuse problems easily and move on to points beyond in good speed. Yet we know how that goes and though striving to work for the best are too aware of the sort of apocalyptic potential fundamentally innate in the phenomena of human life concatenated on Earth as all are somewhat insecure and striving to accomplish a large pile of wealth and security before dying without enough philosophical thought.