Patrick Voevoda Encounters The Slorpisvald (fiction excerpt from St. Novilistricka; Dimensions)

The Universal library of ideas with pre-determined meanings liberated humanity from re-learning each generation, each life, the entirety of human thought that might otherwise be restricted to a simple orally communicable database.

The library of ideas that was the content of language allowed each user of the library access to the vast collections of ideas as construction tools helping to invent new material things. Rational word lexicons with ordered meaning enabled discovery of new sciences and scientific content, and solutions of existential challenges that presented to human society and individuals. Access to the library and to its content could be denied to all through termination of dissemination of the language in which the library’s words were encoded.

Raving and insentient stone soled sleepers reposed in mass burial that might yet remain consumers were a kind of ideal of the reigning Corporate hierarchy. The downloaded were a product design model for research through a variety of breeding approaches synergistically combined with inhuman and inanimate material synthesis. Some forms of artificial life were fused into union with synthetic elements.

Intellectual capital and the freedom to conserve it for-oneself was an essential item for philosophers of the Free Martian Academy. I valued it quite highly myself, and would reject renormalizing coercion to ignorance attempted by any governing, collective, corporate or individual power with prejudice.

A naturalized idiocy is no place that philosophers should want to go. Language access though writing enables learning of ideas through other means than that of observing behavior or from just a simple learned database. In a way something like numeracy, through which one learns the decimal system and might understand any number however large simple through have learned how to read numbers zero through nine and recombine them in order, the learning of alphabets, grammar, syntax and meanings for a given starter vocabulary enables an individual to increase, with readings in the library of knowledge, his comprehension of ideas so far as the content of the library exists to provide knowledge.

The symbols and language of this entry to new dimensions was perplexing. Why the brainwashing of Oswald and his training by the K.G.B. in Moscow followed by a post-cold war erasure of the history in order to forestall a needless and illogical global war over an historically dead past?

Potentially there are an infinite number of ways to represent in language any particular object or object cluster. If five apples sitting upon a fence could be called 2 + 3 in two groups, 1+ 4, 5 and so on with the same purpose in mind of enumerating the number of similar red objects on the fence, the coordinates of every possible location in space-time starting from some initial reference point also might be given as a named place and object or content in a virtually infinite number of methods and with an equal number of labels. Quantum field theories are dimensional, group nominalist representations.

Such determinate labeling of real objects would conform with appropriate coordinates and referent objects regardless of the behavior or language used by individuals or collective intelligences pertaining to objects. Euclid’s math formalizations, and those of Riemann, would be equally true and self-standing a priori whenever and whoever happened to discover such methods.

Determinism does cohere in language when language is a product of the environment. It seems that it is in the separation of mind and body, or of behavior, environment and reason, that confusion arises that would make of language an irrational accouterment of behavior, reducing it fundamentally to a phonetic level with behavior assuming the linguistic axis of meaning.
With the ending of the second cycle of films the gates of dimensions seemed to appear in mind and space simultaneously, and to move as warped lines of infinite lengths. They over-rode content and colors, space and time, like macro-structure strings.

No-space suffused the dimensional boundaries as an afterglow of string potentials subtly drifting. Pointillism’s Dalian painter of super-strings and membranes set Higgs bosons on end to appear as singularities of quarks running their zero-dimensional membranes into sampling of dimensional potentials above aninfinity of worlds of four and more dimensions. The signs of the four were replete with angels and demon shadows and reflections from lower reality acting like bacteriophages in unrepentant non-conformal relations to the will.

Occasionally they sought to actualize and escape their inter-boundary area existence and appear smiling unto residents of a Universe. In one possible Universe, Earth was said to exist; yet I saw many more that were pretenders to a rightful claim of being.

I had difficulty considering the life in the temporal worlds below when they were reruns of worry with hands upon looking glasses searching for ways out, or methods of continuity. They had little faith that spirit exists anywhere, or even within some places.

The empty space was a mind, but whose was it? Paint pots of quark colors full of shimmering potential reality were mud dried in cracked desert plains dimly lit by dark red kinetic sculptures morphing to ultra ocher gluon’d photon clumps encased in Einsteinium—

On the horizon were seven samurai extra dimensional Ronin making chop suey from artificial downloads of The Machine that is the beast of power. The flypaper space-time mind suffused with a new Universe expanded continuously ripping apart the coherence of space-time. Frames of reference struggled to be free of mass attraction downward into an intensification of time in gravitational fields.

What is it to be a mass-less particle without time as a kind of ageless freedom trapped by boundaries of space-time surface tension and field? If the Universe did not expand at the speed of light the photons would eventually catch up with the event horizon depleting the Universe of mass a little bit at a time as missing information yet they have all of the time in the Universe that seems so slow paced after the seventh day of rest.

Thought about thought emanated from the absolute. Forms and material were directed from the thought of the One into dimensions and shapes, into becoming and being and change. The thoughts of the One are unknowable, and perfect. An Intelligence of spirit providing actualized thoughts of The One is itself impeccable and without extension into permanence of dimensions and space-time. Structural protocols are well thought out and book marked in absolute theory as being.

I watched scenes unfold from a reality tuned in by remote control. A marmalade sky began raining five dimensional salt nails into variegated patterns with increasing strength of metal storm intensity. Those outside foolish enough not to have heeded universal weather warnings written in the sky were pitilessly shredded by an emotionless nature. Ephemeral crystal skywriting clouds in high cirrus drifts warned from all bands of change. In the ordinary life of dominant species change generally occurs in phase transition.

These were Crudh creatures of Soghglor actualizing deeply cannibalistic government consuming hopes, dreams, identities and all material assets of slug-worm subjects. Some slug-citizens left final slimy trails when hit by ten-inch nails of the metalstorm. With no social concern they would curdle, shriveling in place desiccating under starlight following the clearing of the weather with the setting of Terror moons.

I learned more of the strange world of Soghlor and its relations with galactic Corporate forces from a distance in an atemporal, undetermined state of existence. The Soghglor leadership is a local branch of Corporate affiliates experimenting with weapons of war upon slimy subjects. Galactic exports of war tech artifacts are the main source of income received from off-world. Dunkan Holes remains Liege Kahuna of the Soghglor Privy Council.
Sitting with smug self-confidence of dominance, he thundered his ruling stick down upon the square table of nep-tunes sending mind-snaring resonance throughout the hall. His Slorpisvald looked at him with frank fear.

Dunkan Holes comprehended the mess of toadies before him smirking with pleasure that they all feared him, even without encouragement of the ruling stick of death. Four hundred economists with Corporate monkey-do had designed specialized economic models to use as fiction scenarios for the Crudh of Soghglor privileged to choose from multifarious models many to build up Trojan-horse economic inertia. Subtle weapons of export war for hostile takeover grew on many planets.

Corporate Trojan-horse economic models could be built up from cores provided by monkey-do with blessing of a potentate Monkey See in pure accretion from spray on computer graphed economic geometry.

Monkey See received a pre-determined economic inspiration to contract out development of economic models and -export designs to the planet of the Crudh in order to place imperfections in the models and draw credibility to the gems.

Like natural emeralds with flaws, and unlike flawless machine-produced emeralds, human designed economic theories had flaws and provided much wiggle room when actualized in planetary politics. They enabled the corrupt to transform the entire structure into gratuitous formation of an oppressive ruling class with a servile under-class, even if they were excrement-eating slugs with a happy smile on the intake areas of their alimentary canals.

Dunkan Holes demanded ‘How much has production increased on output per worker?’
The Slorpisvald said timidly ‘Nine per cent your majestic. Stiltwood fabrications downsized nine percent of the thought-force and sold them for a profit to the slug-citizens as delectable morsel-snacklets in pretty consumable skin-wrapped packaging.

‘An economist in every pack’ was the promise, and we did meet corporate legal criteria by including at least one part per billion of actual economist in each snacklet.’

Holes asked ‘What was the take?’

With pride the Slorpisvald replied ‘A trillion Corporate Juan, majestic’.
Dunkan Holes erupted inwardly, in his most innard guts with a spontaneous release of satisfying gas. The special sloshing and squeaking noises appealed to his specialized inner sensory system added by ancestors in laboratories long ago to his neo-humo-G-nome. Elite government neo-G-nomes assured caste supremacy so long as Stiltwood dominated the economic engine of production providing sufficient earnings for the Crudh creatures of Soghglor to stay above the level of primordial dew-ooze beneath.
Ordinary Slug-citizens made slimy trails of history immersed in corporate synthetic dew-ooze. Financing corporate upgrades to their G-nome caste supremacy was a never-ending cost requiring exorbitant fees to Corporate G-nome specialists able to install, interpret and operate complex instructions for processing quantum computing neo-G-Nome sequences allowing real-time morphing corrections and guidance control for bio tensors through space-time.

Language structures evolve through levels of meaning that might be considered as abstract structural composition with discrete packets of meaning embedded within interconnecting protocols of form. It isn’t simply a coincidence that brain neuron and quantum mechanical wavelets have a comparable paradigm for existence with that of language. Language structure may give meaning through the ‘behavior’ of parts of the given language more so than of the individuals and groups that use them. Meanings are creatively built with appropriate connectors and references from innumerable hierarchy levels and dimensions.

Because the structure is holistic and simultaneously determinate and indeterminate the hierarchical levels transcend dimensional coordinates and fall within an holistic, evolving egalitarian trans-dimensional structure. Every language meaning and ability must possess the potential for direct application by users in actual reference to a real universe.
Extra dimensional meanings added to the existing dimensions of a language become renormalized as quickly as possible for access by existing dimensions of language. Hierarchical levels of remoteness are reconnected in order to bring access to immediate, transcendent potential while simultaneously individuation of new terms and dimensions are recognized and defended as individual meaning units with rights against insult and corruption by other units of language unaware of the recent addition of new dimensions.

In the actualization of perception concurrent with an upload of dimensions from some non-dimensional state, I experienced house-shaking and quaking walls vibrating. It threatened continuity as if under assault by earthquake and tornado.

Opening my eyes from donated mud coating everything immediate, a transparent energy field descended with air-braking violence under a marmalade sky with Twin Moons ebbing above a planetary horizon. In moments orange sky blazed with deep red august blood as a tetrahedral energy packed field of transparent and unknown elements crash landed into a magnificent government building notable for the universal symbols of a golden carrot and a spike encrusted club of enormous scale atop the hierarchically round dozens of layers of opulent material.

Screeching, splintering of timbers and compaction of charitably named bodies of odd shapes splattering through my mind’s eye as the tetrahedron came to rest. Invisible through dust and oppressive cloud of smoke, fire and debris was the outside world. I picked myself up and cracked off some of the unusual mud, finding a way from of the muck.

How to open the tetrahedron was next. Amazed to be alive, sore yet out of the extra-dimensional antechamber, I had crashed into a new world. This new world looked like Soghglor from what I saw of the rainy, pestilential plain.

Crawling from the wreckage and making my way through the smoldering debris I could smell a fetid crèche of stench beyond the edge of obfuscation of smoke. It repelled me and drew me forward toward it simultaneously. Sucking and liquid sounding noises at a low level could be associated with that general direction. I learned such indicators are signs of perverted life forms occupying the lower reaches of nature. Perhaps it was so.
Moving through the edge of the distant haze were dozens of bulk hulking forms rather round-shouldered. These plainly were slug-citizens rather than warriors. Each drawing slowly closer had opposable eyestalks indicating the presence of advanced intelligence. To allay their fear I walked toward them with my opposable thumbs in front of me held facing. The slugs responded with a kind of gesture encountered in many galaxies–the alimentary canal tightening partially open.

‘Zqlistrdulop’ a slug spoke. His wrinkled blubber and shining slime trail indicated it was an elder. Four smaller slugs advanced in formation and declined stature into positions of what could be construed as sleep or genuflection. With some time passing I learned that their language was rudimentary existential environment description. Later I discovered that I had crash-landed upon the oppressive ruling council of Soghglor killing the leadership including the predatory Dunkan Holes and his Slorpisvald.
This planet-full of leaderless slug-citizens of an evident Crudh species was very grateful. The elder offered to forestall eating me if I preferred to exchange precious bodily fluids with a female phase hermaphroditic slug. I declined the honor and realized that I must soon walk away at a speed of more than a half-mile an hour to escape further encirclement by the band of slimers.

The question of how such a species could rise to have a mildly advanced leadership culture with structures that weren’t half bad before they were wrecked set me to wonder.

Precipitation enclosing musty drizzle wrapped as dusk settled upon Soghglor brought numerous questions. It would require directed thought, time and effort to resolve. The information could prove useful. It might be a key to transport from this pit where humans seem to be the prey of trivial, significant and persistent slugs.

Soghglor’s mysteries lay deep within the world at the edge of the star system’s comfortable habitation zone. Like most decadent worlds its semi-intelligent native life forms had fiddled with the global atmospheric heat-cooling thermostat through incompetent external industrial excretion of gasses and depletion of climate cycle moderating resources that generally were alive.

On the Earth the carbon-silicate cycle was discovered in time to conserve enough of the rainfall, ocean temperature, phytoplankton, carbonic acid system intact along with other living elements to allow a renormalization of half million year time minimum natural feedback mechanisms to continue regulation. The orange marmalade skies of this world and the warm temperature favoring slime life were obvious signs that they had broken the cooling phase of the cycle in order to wallow in the muck of the natural order of slime.

Inside the office of the Liege Kahuna might lay answers to the technological paradoxes of the planet. How did a superior sluggish ruling caste split off from the race of citizen slugs naturally and retain such a close possimite language group association?

Surely this process must imply the existence of neo-G-nome intervention before neonate phase with sprinklings even before conception of weakon form molding of scheduled D.N.A. structures in addition to completely arbitrary determinations of chemical compound group medium? My knowledge of who might have the databases for that wicked industrial technology is limited to Universal Corporate and its evil empire of network affiliates.
I struggled inward toward the core of the collapsed wreckage of the building that had been efficiently sapped to find a chaos of mess and death strewn about with body parts of supremacy slugs everywhere. There were unusually sophisticated bits of technology amidst piles of walls and ceiling with implicit plastic conductors for power, communications and heat.

I first encountered such materials in Martian pygmy pioneering astronaut corp colonists of the dark side of the Mont Negro and Valles Dessicum. These Soghgloric supremacist corpses hadn’t any political requirement for unlimited free circuits for personal communication. Taking a few wires I have sampled several segments and found no personally free circuits for individuals.

From the Olduvai Gorge of Africa millions of years ago primitive ancestors of human beings discovered how to make stone tools and lash sharp shards onto wooden handles. Eventually they discovered how to make wireless Internet for public libraries. These slug-slime supremacists had not yet reached that level for political reasons.

That it required hundreds of thousands of years of human evolution to achieve significant species differentiation and genomic specialization in sets best adapted for various topographical and climatologically environments of the Earth was an historical fact. Though 20th century human beings began a process of exterminating human species differences and specializations through inter-breeding such hard won changes away, it yet irked me quite a bit that the slug slime vermin might have benefited from accelerated unnatural evolutionary design changes provided by Corporate neo-G-Nome laboratories.

On Earth the human genomic sets were naturally evolved for environmental supremacy of humans to adapt to an environment geophysically. It was the extermination of racial differences through compulsory inter-breeding concurrent with the destruction of environmental health and local specialization of biota that synergized global climate radicalization and artificial redesign of the human genome for purposes of comfort and social supremacy at a micro-social level. When humanity self-domesticated itself breeding people like canine species voluntarily, the die was cast for the eventual ontological unraveling of the artificial human genome and the universally maladaptive human being.

Fortunately the universal ontological autoimmune rejection of humanity was entirely necessary, and a local Imperial aspirant–Warp Prissy, precipitated an early decisive engagement on both the Earth and Mars. The practice of human genome modification was halted in the aftermath.

Galactic, then Universal Corporate resumed the practice of genetic engineering for purposes of profit and power. Usually, Corporate limited the recipients of genetic redesign to races that Corporate sought to conquer or toy with for sadistic entertainment industry revenue.

Meanings in languages depended upon the environmental or existential reference tie-in to objects and external structures perceivable to others. Internalization of meanings made subjectively is an interactive language and logic phenomenality that every user of a language has. The frame of reference for a language corresponds to its largest general parameter of associating references. In the case of the Universe Alpha in which I and the present human race developed originally, the largest reference frame traditionally has been a time equals zero moment when the hyper-inflation of the Universe began from the perturbative vacuum field from which a near infinity of universes may have sprung from a similar process of quantum indeterminacy.

I think it’s a nearly infinite number because it’s very large and probably has occurred for a very long time, yet of course it too might be some sort of an inflatable phenomenality originating from some unknown source. Of course the theory could be entirely wrong. Yet the communication systems of the Universe

Alpha reference frame have many dialects all relating to the organic design of the Universe-whatever that really is.

A fundamental aspect of languages is individuated communication commensurately capable of describing detail in addition to investigating the unknown with a creatively infinite or very large number, of language concept tools. In order to continue the particularized, individuated development of language concept and word levels within the Universe Alpha language structures of words and logic, the security of private communications systems is understood as being vital.

Private communications networking comprise the transmission of personal free-thinking. In theory the optimalization of liberty would be actualized simultaneously with an order of secure private communications able to access a vast, universal field of public ideas at their will without ever experiencing an unwanted intrusion of corporate or mass network communication into their private space.

Concatenations of private communications about similar topics would be the basic form of mass selection and mass communication, while the interests of the general public are presented in the public sector through the individual presentation of ideas as individuals choose for-themselves. On Soghglor public communication was the basic form I found within the plastic conducting wall fragments. The channel was virtually mono-linguistic probably in order to serve the Liege Kuhuna’s utterances to the masses, with just a little counter-directional flow permitted to exist. Communist and corporate authoritarians inevitably cut down freedom of private existence and private communication, as in the case of this slimy slug of Soghglor that had learned to sit upright with the neo-G-nome changes of corporate.

A residual slug image field cascaded my mind with explosive packages of putrid concepts. Somewhere in my course toward Dunkan Holes’ control region,a latent power system I found retained charge.

With my brain battered by sonic pain penetrators and distracting neural hoop loose-nag-chems sent bound up as convoluting loops of thought fractalization made to kill or disable slug-citizen thinking I bumped into broken objects and slipped into a monolithic cold stone fallen over in a slippery pool of libatious thought enhancer.

It was cold, stinking even more than the slug citizens. I made it beyond the end zone of mind sapping in to Dunkan Holes’ control area with several squashed super-slugs extruding from beneath the black stone.

A dusty patina of pulverized masonry lay over the black stone enfilading its cryptic miniature writing in universal pictographs. It related that at one time before the arrival of corporate emissaries as neo-gods the dominant race of Soghglor were proud snails living in an egalitarian society.

Corporate had transformed social values of the snails and brainwashed them into believing they would be better looking without the crudity of a shell. The new and improved snail cosmopolitan doctrine taught that a shell is primitive and uncouth. It is also easy to maintain social control of snails if they are without shell.

The snail language was hyper-extended and broken into dis-individuating segments splicing rave accretions. They were collectivized under corporate political appointees and their fates formed from the quagmire of acquiescence into a slippery slope of graduated decline downward as the universal slug condition.

They were convinced to come out of their shells and wear sensual body fitting garments. Nakedness was held to be a titillating sensation marketed by corporate image products and slug orgies encouraged as procedures for social equality. The introduction of off-world Corporate G-nome enhancers enabled selected slug generations for elite neo-G-nome lines of political rulers. The ascent of slugs to upright command aristocracy began with the permanent underclassing of citizenslugs designed by corporate.

Individual slugs of an independent nature were corralled into subjugation with micro-sanctions in coercive applications broadcast and subtly networked. I wasn’t surprised about the change into the Crudh slugs; it was a common story in the Galaxy. They at least were lucky enough to survive the global warming-cooling dangers that accompany the rise of planetary civilizations decimating so many species. To fall under Universal Corporate or local totalitarian political control was nearly as bad.

The temperature has started to grow noticeably cooler, which for Soghglor is really quite improbable. I believed it could be reaching me from outside through broken walls. Across the room is a glimmer of natural light. Everything else is glowing from the plastic conductor debris with the packed electrons doped inside. If I take a few careful steps out of this slimy pond toward the natural light I may find a way outside. Later on I may get lucky and discover a way to get a jump on another dimensional course through alternative space-times. I have some ideas about that.

I knew I must step carefully. Even this broken technology may have live potential. Somewhere ahead under the slumping ceiling, over the mess of furnishing and a wall, going opposite the direction the fine suspended dust was flowing I made it outside of the structure.

The sky is no longer an orange marmalade color and composition. It is instead a pale blue and milky white with charged kinematic potential. A battlestorm was threatening. The slugs crawled away to whatever warm shelters they could find. The ugliness of materializing legions of Corporate Zip Zap is never pretty.

The most advanced weapons, the best physique Corporate can design in a given volume, the most fast and lethal dependent kill clauses possible. The wind increased and began to howl with the displacement ratio of local and space-time actualization. This time I would need to look for a faster way to jump closer to the free area of the Galaxy. I turned away from the battlestorm growing outside to look for a multi-dimensional transition technology inside. Dunkan Holes must have had one as a donation from Corporate in order to receive downloads unnoticed by the citizen-slugs.
Making my way back to the heart of the local version of the evil empire there was a five dimensional scene playing out atop the black monolith.

A tall, dark haired guy with pointy ears that seemed evolutionarily selected to withstand constant, heavy rainfall spoke to an agitated man standing on an outside ledge of a tall power structure ‘Step back from the ledge Jim. Jim it’s not logical, step back!’

Jim said: ‘No Maslow, I must fight the Clunkon spider-bats in the sky! They are coming to take over the world!”

Maslow replied; ‘No Jim, it’s the d.t.’s from all the single malt scotch you’ve been drinking. It’s not logical Jim! Step back inside away from the ledge.”

The hyper-reality scene continued from a bottle of single malt scotch on the supine monolith. I swiftly walked up to it and kicked the bottle sending myself into entry within a vortex of space and time. I had entered the trilight zone of N-dimensional refracted space. I was thrown violently through a few hundred dimensions of detached branes in a sequential array as an associate observer of change. It wasn’t what I’d wanted.

Something like an ancient Luftwaffe of flies as Junkers bombers buzzing around breakfast swarmed. Sometimes I have thoughts of Mars and the highlands recurring when away, and when home, thoughts of distant places such as Soghglor or Subductor. Lush was never far from my thought either.
Words from opposition chatter had fried many minds. They might recur as parallel streams of replacement pre-emptive text with derivative dissociation and neo-homophone substitution words and phrases. So much of that can build up in the subconscious and haywire memory. In practice, orderly thought input creates orderly reasoning from the already somewhat anarchic realm of the subconscious.

In the final phases of the United States of America before it was purchased by globalists and parted out to China, Saudi Arabia, Japan and other nations, the thought processes of citizens were decohered through dissimulator media broadcasting following the pre-emptive positive word provisioning model of computer programs written for search engines and Nash equilibrium control conditioners.

The negative anti-rational decoherence training helped the public fail at critical political thinking synergistically with the failure of the government to balance it’s budget, defend it’s borders from illegal immigration, invigorate its ecosystem and provide an example of a nation with democracy, universal safety net features for the poor, and liberty from corporatism and state authoritarianism. Neither were the people able to comprehend complex topics such as ecological economics. The decoherence training brought the populous to easy degradation postures ripe for exploitation by corrupt global corporatists.

I seemed to think without an immediate physical extension of a body, like I feel when standing in a fast food restaurant line in Novo Lundinium for a long time before reaching the counter to order, just before I have to speak. The dimensions themselves rolled over in difficult to describe shapes and forms with colors and speed relationships quite askew from normal perception in the four-dimensional world. Evidently no time passed in the process.

With the background big bang residual thermal temperature of the Universe being somewhere about three degrees Kelvin, it is obvious that like Boyle’s law about the distribution of gas in a given volume equalized with values of entropy, the background energy of the universe has a generally even distribution in a given volume of space-time. Local variations caused with gravity indicate a difference between being and nothingness.

It’s dissociation from concentration concurrently and proportionately with the expansion of space-time may be used as a comparative logic paradigm for the ideas of absolute position of coordinate reference points in the history of space-time in variegated temporal Einsteinian field relativity, from the time equals zero when the singularity phase of the Universe was at it’s most minimal before the inflaton and after the black hole phase of the pre-big bang era.

It may also be used as a paradigm for the idea that the equal distribution of virtual particles in the pre-big bang era perturbative vacuum isn’t logical except in an era of stagnation of a preexisting physical system with a given equalized distribution of energy even if it is of a virtual nature. Why should the appearance of virtual particles in a vacuum follow no particular pattern or frequency, and what might randomize it?

The pre-big bang era vacuum state and its distribution of virtual particles entering into it following the laws of quantum mechanics is one of the more intriguing points of the potential history of an absolute initial coordinate reference system with known space-time phenomenality as the frame of reference to consider.

It has seemed to me for some time that there isn’t a reason why the appearance of virtual particles in any given dimensional or non-dimensional state of vacuum or space ought to be at random. Instead I have thought that the characteristics of virtual particles statistically modeled should follow a pattern derived from some non-apparent meta structural or trans-dimensional reciprocal intrusion. Obviously that creates an infinite regress logically; all universes and dimensions would be connected in some way to all others, and yet an absolute hierarchical coordinate system would still exist beginning from where one places one’s true universal history.

Logically the regression of historical sources of interaction of space-time dimensions and mass-energy structures should have an end if the universe is not just one example of an infinite number of universes existing in an infinite volume of space-time universes in an infinite vacuum.

Logically the concept of an infinite system presents the problem of how an initial heterodox virtual particle pattern and statistical symmetry breaking sufficient to create a first universe could have emerged as well as the mind-boggling sorts of questions about what a really infinite number of universes in a finite volume would be like if there wasn’t some kind of a higher reality containing it all.

Some hypothesize an initial, donated single field in which bubble universes might form. There are innumerable avenues of theoretical regress to perhaps match experience or ideas that are surpassed by unanswered questions. Another improbable question of how the finite but vast series of universes could have arisen in time from a null state the first time is equally challenging to answer, yet given the premise that it did and grew to produce perhaps trillions of universes, the subsequent and obvious question to answer is what hypothetical limit exists to the amount of virtual particles and consequent mass that can be created in the null state of the perturbative vacuum?

The perturbative vacuum and the virtual particles from nowhere that appear without end to give rise to black holes and universes of mass seems the cornucopia criterion theorists require for a happy answer to government budget requirements but find unavailable at such a mundane level. I had hoped to budget time to find Lush while remaining alive and healthy, yet discovered that circumstances presented a coefficient of adversity that might require tempering of my expectations.