Humans In Mars Orbit Could Operate Brainless Robots on Planet Surface

Human beings on Earth could operate human shaped work robots on the Earth’s moon without a time signal delay problem, yet for Mars the time signaling delay would make human working of the robot tools (that have no independent operating system) more difficult and less accurate in mining and construction work on Mars. The answer might be to create a human guidance control station on Phobos-a Martian moon as well as in a space-stationary platform over the Martian work area.

Delivering work robots to the moon and Mars would be cheaper than sending humans to create shelters and agricultural laboratories initially. Jobs might be created on Earth operating robot workers on the moon directly as well as on Mars if the several minutes delay can be substantially compensated for.

Science fiction writers have pointed out for generations the dangers of thinking robots. An easy fix to that problem is to make robots completely unthinking and just have a human on Earth or in orbit someplace directly operate each individual robot through its workday. Exploring dangerous to humans solar system planets and moons with human like robots directly operated by a human through wireless control might safely expedite exploration, construction and human habit in vacant spaces on other worlds.