Poetry of Cosmological Phenomenality: The Infinite Compaction of Mass

The August 2011 issue of Scientific American has a good article summarizing contemporary multiverse theory by a cosmologist; George Ellis. So far as I know one of the essential motivations for multiverse theory is the cosmic inflation theory of Allan Guth. A period of rapid inflation of space time energy for a fraction of a second may have created an expanding Universe ‘bubble’. It was further speculated that an infinite number of such inflationary bubbles might arise from a primordial void energy or field. Mathematical theorists seem to like the concept of extrapolating the existence of an infinite number of universe-bubbles inspired by the way our present one looks and seems to have formed in the past. Avoided is the need for invention of a unique causal order explanation, of a description of what the void is itself or where it began. Also violate apparently are conservation of energy laws.

If a finite quantity of energy existed in the beginning it could not increase infinitely. If an infinite amount of mass and energy existed in the beginning its conversion through phase changes into various altered states over time seems improbably given an eternal existence.

Cosmologists speculate virtual particles emerge from quantum uncertainty as an extrusion from an expanding space-field, and that all mass is also a clump of ‘standing waves’ above the all-possible waveforms background of space-time. Mass-energy and space-time including the lambda force (cosmological constant) are regarded as local versions of an undefined vast trans-universal field phenomenon that let bubble multiverse formations flow like zillions of bubbles in a crème de menthe inter-universal void. It seems there are some philosophical, logical and poetic points to consider on this topic. I will therefore write a little on the not worthless topic of singularities and black holes…

The surface appearance of space-time for experience is a pond with clouds, rain showers and time moving like ripples with shadows of mountains and forests. Looking beyond the world to what lies beyond, or below if local directions through a given volume of protons and photons in space warmed above crystalline freezing phase has actualized down in a gravitational field of relations-even looking through if one doesn’t lose sight of what one was looking at before getting that transcending vision of beyond-maybe including the past or future statuses of the state of being and things, it is possible to imagine the universe as it appears as a singularity long ago or far ahead when it is or was just a concentrated dot unspoken.

Given any finite mass A or B etc.
Compacted infinitely under Gravity
Different quantities of mass A or B
Should transform into masses of equal infinite density and infinitely reduced area.

Cantor’s transinfinite series of order in infinite series allows for some series to be Eleatic and others non-Eleatic. Non-Eleatic series of numbers permit quantitative/quantitative increases of scale while Eleatic number series get bogged down infinitesimally.

Given a universe with D number of dimensions of space-time compacted infinitely, in the process of infinite reduction under Gravity or some other implicit field the wavelengths of all space-time mass and energy are reduced or abbreviated until no structures exist that are different than the initial field. That includes quantum phenomena until all uncertainty no longer exists at which time the incompleteness criteria of Gödel emerges to bring the infinitely reduced infinite mass of space-time into a relationship with something unknown and unknowable.

Infinite reduction of Universe A or B, or of Universes A through Z along with their intrinsic, comparatively relativistic, non-transinfinite space-time presents more than nothing or non-being anti-space. It presents something very strange, indeed imponderably so.

If any human mind, network of minds or even computer were to be capable of controlling most physical mechanics of a Universe A and formulate it within given criteria perhaps adapted from memory bank recollection of the appearance of a natural universe, it would mismanage space-time from within. It would destroy itself in being unable to step outside itself as an exemplary reduction of Gödel’s incompleteness theorem and morph its own odd configurations of mass-energy without meaning against a backdrop of the non-existing and quite absurd non-space without. It would fail to appreciate the poetry of the matter.

All numbers with a decimal point may be infinitely increased to the right or left of the point, and each change presents a new number. Any number is only a relative value within a field describing position, and because of the principle of identity each number bears the simultaneously value of one of its kind.

Trans-infinite infinities are those with quantitative characteristics permitting a continuum of value phase shifts of a field to occur surpassing the Eleatic extension of an infinite series of numbers along one axis with zero progress in any other. That is probably why they are liked.

An infinite extension of a particular number becomes a different number value although small, with each incremental change fractionally. Each number and each new number for field equations represent qualitative, relativistic values that may transcend special, spatio-temporal forces and produce phenomenal, temporal infinities in a process of reduction towards singularity under gravity or some prevailing force of reduction.

There is no certainty that under the asymptotic freedom of a near singularity that gravity would exist at all. If it fails to continue then repulsive forces might reverse the reduction. If a new force for reduction replaces gravity when all particle-wave quantum phenomena are extinguished to continue the reduction toward an infinite regress the state of absurdity may arise wherein space-time that has also been for practical purposes annihilated experience the presence of a very powerful concentrate dot stabilized at any given stage.

The monistic ultra-quantum dot ‘universe’ is a singularity for being stable rather than for continuing its infinite reduction as one-wherein it would be simple a One in event-process of change. It is notable that One Universe is a singularity in large or small size in that it is all that exists. When in a much reduced form its constitution internally varies though nothing exists without during its singular existence.

If non-space is comprised of an infinite number of singularities that may arise, that too presents something of an absurdity to contemplate, for the appearance of finite mass, yet stabilized singularities amidst non-being seems extraordinary.

An infinite extension process reducing mass and energy/universe would not produce any net increase in the overall power of the original mass, nor obviously decrease it.

Infinities resulting from describing a field that results in a singularity in space-time seem to be a consequence of a kind of inversion of Gödel’s incompleteness theorem wherein the math used to develop the theory of the singularity must be itself destroyed.

An infinite number of potential mathematical geometrical descriptions of Cantor’s trans-infinite sort might be mapped onto an infinitely reduced surface topology from within a singularity-as-universe in minimal state-yet it would not mean that the singularity itself would infinitely continue to reduce in size as time-itself was measured from within. The singularity as mass in-itself stabilizes when its dynamic energy for concentrating to minimal state has been spent, when its ability to change or redistribute energy no longer exists, and when it has become something else not meaningfully described by the artifact of field equations that existed before.

Thus the poetry of the quantum dot without internal structure. One stable form without space-time set against a magnificent view property of a vast unknown region of other quantum dots without much structure, chapter to verse just yet, however a location with much potential for development.