Mitt Romney Passes Up Stumbling Rick Perry in Presidential Race

Texas Governor Rick Perry entered the Republican presidential primary contest at the top being delivered to the summit of the polls above the other candidates who labored up the mountain trekking on emerging with the heavy load of obscurity amongst the precipices of no public support. Rick Perry was air-lifted from the Bush School for Lemon Presidents in Texas trained with special interest appeals that provided little acclamitization to the harsh weather conditions and ran downhill since in search of a warm place to regroup and recover.

Fox News has made a poll on the presidential primary race that has the energetic and intelligent former Massachusets Governor Mitt Romney surging ahead to move toward the summit passing former Bush II Lt. Governor Rick Perry on his way down. He has falleen six points behind Mitt, and Herman Cain is also closing the distance to pass Rick Perry.

Rick Perry will not be abandoned on his out of control descent of the mountain. His fellow climbers will send word to the rescuers at the base to search and rescue the unprepaired candidate and make him ready to serve in some distant yet challenging outpost in the new Republican administration in 2014 perhaps as Ambassador to Saudi Arabia.