Ecoside Beyond the Gated Community (poem)

Pain is a sound that overcomes concerns
of taxes and debts unpaid-these things
reach deep into troubled pockets
emptying competing concerns
like spare planets for existential doubts
onto the tarmac aft jet exhaust
letting network tides arise

Wrecked waves of darkening skies, future frosts
disappear into abysal silent heat
compactors of chemical balance
microwave ashing of excrement
with crumpled leaves of brownian motion
complicating spiders searching
for energy unto the end

Automatic actions trifle hecklers half cocked
squirrels put away last nuts
as evil puts down lost political souls
reducing the uncertainty of tomorrow
clearing fields for fuhrer time
now and then in history’s recurrent rhyme

Democracy too, died in the buzzing wind
high velocity through power lines
humming songs of wild notes
deep and pure geometries forever trimmed
increase lifelessness emerging to halt

Artificial lights aglow
orange night halos advertising cities
cold in the proprietary distance
post cards for alien wonder
like a metaphor actualized
perfected museums cloned of myriad windows
seem like Hollywood echos
of hetero dialectical recombinations
surpassing the same genes’ duplication
that reduce the creative being
of the gated community

Players age before our eyes
acting in buildings of seasons
constructions extending temporal infinity far enough
that it ends within finite walls
structured and decorated; mosaics
of evictions and death
set outside like muddy boots drying

Senseless global warming
depleting political sensibility
faithless temples of political cults
rolling back democracy
order D-9 caterpillars to fly
shadows of silent profit theorems
deisel empowered deleation of forests
push species over the edge
until nothing is left
of the book of life.