Moslem Terrorists Kill >70 in Mogadishu

The terrorist group Al Shabab has claimed credit for setting a blast that killed more than 70 people in Somalia.

Reading the book ‘Inside Hamas’ published in 2007 some of the operative nature of the political fundamentalism of the mufsidoon becomes evident. I recommend the book for reading for those wishing to learn the history of the Palestinian terror organization.

There are more than ten Palestinian organization that deny the right of Isreal to exist and wish to reclaim the entire area of former British Palestine for the Muslim world. Al Qa’eda too dabbled in terroristy operations in Israel via Palestine.

While the Sunni may regard the Shia as heretic blasphemers for their cult-like reverence of the hidden twelth Imam, the Shia of Iran and the Syrian Government have provided weapons and cash to Hamas and other Palestinian organization apparently. Smuggling routes in the first decade of the thrid millenium from Lebanon via boatings and Egypt via tunnels helped bring anti-tank weapons, anti-aircraft rockets, explosives, grenades, automatic weapons, pistols and other items to the Gaza and West Bank of the Jordan settlemtns.

Financing of the Palestinian entity arises from the entire Arab world that has many believers in an expansion of Islam to conquer the entire world. Though an obsolete point of view historically it still motivates the ignorant to first seek to drive Israel from the Middle East in order to bring the entire region into the Umma or dar all Islam and present a unified Moslem base for launching a crusade of invasion and conquest of Europe. Blasting Mogadishu is a simple way to express the jihadist opposition to all things that might be construed as useful targets.

‘Inside Hammas’ noted that weapons smuggling from Somalia to Palestinian let the value of an AK-47 purchased in Mogadishu rised from $200 to $2000 dollars upon arrival in the Gaza. The trans-national nature of fundamental Moslem terrorism in nthe region is a function of poverty, political displacement and the empowerment of weapons and explosives as well as a simultaneous ad hoc political movement based upon the quran.

The destabilizing changes of Middle Eastern governemnts is unlikely to soon settle down and transition into a more ecospherically beneficial human synergy politically. It is possible that the larger political chunk unit approach to goal objectives seeking support from meta-political financiers and weapons suppliers will continue awhile-especially if wealth is concentrated too much in that area.