Christians Can Vote for Non-Sectarian Presidential Candidates

Texas mega-church pastor Robert Jeffers has taken a stand against voting for non-Christians political candidates. His position has the implicit conflict of interest in that he enjoys a good living from the way things are, is of the same state as Texas Gov. Rick Perry as well as countless oil corporations and defense contractors. If one visits Johnson City Texas there is a fine cemetery with many American casualties of the Vietnam conflict. ‘Halliburton’s Army’ is good book describing the history of Brown, Root, Halliburton, Rumsfeld, Cheney and others from L.B.J.’s early days through Afghanistan and Iraq.

Separation of church and state is a principal distinguishing theocratic government from secular. Christians are informed that the kingdom of God is not of this world. Yet that does not mean that the ungodly and lost must reign without reproof. Believers in God may support the constitution of the United States and civil liberties for citizens without becoming mired down in the city of mankind.

Christians may exert a positive impact on the world in a variety of ways through the leadership of right character. Excluding Americans from government and a support for those that claim to be Christian yet might not, or that might be misguided Christians instead of competent moral candidates is a way to fulfill some of the bad prophecies of the Bible. We don’t want to elect an Adolph Hitler II claiming to be Christians and deserving of election because the other choices are of some other, yet non-violent faith.

For it is written that in the latter days Christians would be put out of the churches or synagogues-and I suppose mega churches might be filled with hierarchical priests (that word is only used twice in the New Testament) that hope to have their own take high political office. It was also written that Christians would be blamed by some of the people for secular problems, and of course that is common today on the left in the U.S.A.

One must wonder how voters must view Presidents that have waged wars upon foreign poor people (in pursuit of terrorists and nation rebuilding) while spending trillions of taxpayer dollars that have enriched particular contractors, taken oil fields for Exxon-Mobil and others in Iraq (common enough perceptions) and are said to be believing Christians can be a good role model for Christians today?

A contemporary Christian Church ought rightly to be led an egalitarian priesthood of believers with all sharing in the ministration of the word of God. Beginner, Intermediate, Elder roles and easy to implement liturgies, Christian welfare and job network banking, nationwide attendance records and transfer; a myriad of improvements for the church today are possible and should be practically implemented-especially since according to the Bible tithing to ‘priests that do not produce for themselves’ was to be just 1/3rd of 1/10th every third year from the producers.

The Christian Church ought not to be manipulated into default voting for oily war candidates that claim to be Christian. Murder, mayhem, destruction of foreign infrastructure and anti-environmental maladroit energy and economic development policies are not things that are divine at all. Christians should select competent political candidates with good policy that can obey the law-it is only Christians that can live by faith and we know that the secular law hasn’t been abandoned.

Mankind has a wicked, dumb nature that requires competent political governance that respects the right all of citizens to run for office regardless of race, color or creed. Christians too should require political competence from their candidates rather than a commitment to wage war given the chance instead of creatively leading through intelligent redesign of the given empirical political relations.

It may be that Christianity hasn’t got the same right to war policy that the Moslem religion claims. Christians are not instructed to conquer the world through jihad. One knows that Christianity took the Roman Empire through good example rather than through force of arms. Looking to Jesus Christ as a political role model for the U.S. military contracting business and the foreign oil support business is seemingly a stupid design.