Photons and Photosynthesis

Photons are a basic particle of the Universe bringing energy from the sun to the Earth heating up land, sea and sky molecules putting them into more energetic states. Human life on Earth prevalently politically fails to correctly interpret the relationship of photons to living processes, additional molecules impacted and photosynthesis. Photons also enable photography by illuminating objects and surfaces bouncing off at wavelengths reset by the object interactions they bounced off from to eventually reach a camera lens.

The December 2012 ‘Discover’ magazine has an informative story on the fate of the Biosphere 2 terrarium project in Arizona. It sought to recreate a self-contained Earth-like ecosphere inside a glass dome. A worker or two died on the construction that was originally funded by a wild billionaire investor in humankind’s future. Several meaningful facts on the function of an ecosphere were mentioned.

Half of the photosynthesis in the world is done by microbes in the ocean-half! Carbon dioxide is sequestered on land and in the sea’s plant/animal life. Fully one third of human issued carbon dioxide gases go to the ocean’s carbon sequestration zooplankton in shell making from carbonate etc.

The world’s oceans are becoming more acidic as a result of increasing carbonic acid reaching it. The extra acid is bad for the tiny carbon removal team players ruining their shells to say the least.

Photosynthesis removes carbon and stores it in plants or seashells while oxygen is released. There is only a 1 or 2% surplus of oxygen over carbon in the process so obviously human production of excess carbon releases to the atmosphere can defeat the removal of carbon from the atmosphere and let global heating occur with an increasing percentage of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Historically mass extinctions have occurred in times of higher carbon dioxide-oxygen ratios.

The world’s oceans have a capability of removing carbon dioxide from the environment yet that is a slow half-million year process of feedback, and besides, human alteration of the balance of the forests and oceanic, tundra and desert photosynthetic cycles are radical. Global heating can create a large increase in releases of Co2 from usually frozen northern areas of the world (such as flaming tundra fires adding mercury poisoning as an added detriment) and simultaneously decrease the amount of photosynthesis in oceans while also advancing desertification of formerly green wild temperature and sub-tropical regions Human carbon dioxide emmissions are a simple, stupid and effective way of painting human civilization into a corner. Needless to say, smart painters don’t do that.

Obviously no Republican Presidential will talk competently about the economic assault upon human survival prospects on Earth and take a different, innovative intelligent tack before the Co2 levels increase enough to make future candidates even more dumb than today.

Both political parties appear to be corrupt versions of a concentrate corrupt wealth and perversion for global, wealthy elites platform. That is an efficient networked tool for ecocide preceded by the impoverishment of U.S. citizens.

I believe that years ago someone published an operating manual for the planet Earth. There must have been a second edition with global warming, photosynthesis, food production, biodiversity, sustainable economic development and other important updates. Reading in the book of Revelation we can see the importance of keeping the ecospheric engineering systems working smoothly and even increasing upon other worlds. Perhaps a modest Biosphere 3 could be built deep within a crater on the moon, and an Ecosphere 4 on Mars.

Eventually mankind may achieve a well deserved ecospheric doom preceeded by myriad forms of social depravity and even unemployment of college graduates. In the meantime Godly people should strive to get the ecospheric engine of health working efficiently again and quit the drunk driving of oil spills, fossil fuel engines, over-heated asphalt paved cities and get some major desalinization of seawater projects going to irrigate the southwest desert. Here is what will happen to the last, flunking, ungodly people of Earth. (from the Revelation chapter 19)

“And the remnant were slain with the sword of him that sat upon the horse, which sword proceeded out of his mouth: and all the fowls were filled with their flesh.”