Iran Accused of Plotting to Blow Up Saudi Ambassador in Washington D.C.

The Attorney General and F.B.I. chief released news of an arrest of an Iranian trying to pay 1.5 million dollars to a Mexican drug cartel to blast the Saudi Ambassador at a Washington D.C. restaurant. That’s a remarkable plot that does resemble a few I have read of in novels recently. Good work if its so.

Mitt Romney said that the average median American income dropped by 10% during the Obama administration so far-I believe it. One wonders what sort of government lunatic Iran has who would pay to detonate a Suadi Ambassador. The U.S.A. has sufficient bad politicians as it is without help from Iran.,0,3578090.story

State terrorism is a bad thing to encounter. Government employees have vast technical resources for victimizing their subjects from radio used as a terror intercom for harrassment or explosives and bullets for terminal harrassment. The notion that Iranian leadership seeks to start a shooting war with Saudi Arabia by detonating a suicide bomber near the ambassador might be a Twelver’s idea of how to kick start Armageddon and the reappearance of the 12th Imam from the well at Qom. It might work for those other apocalyptists seeking salvation through the induction of total war.

Fundamentally it seems like much of the usual political craziness. Then again using wars for diversions from corrupt economics that victimize the poor is always the option of the rich and government lackeys allegiant to whomever.