On Abraham and Ancient Sumer

Recently I read ‘Abraham; The First Biography’ by Rosenberg. Rosenberg is the author of the J book. That book is on the idea that the book of Genesis was put together largely by the J writer at the court of Rehoboam or Solomon.

Briefly, Rosenberg relates that Abraham was a scribe at Sumer and his father was a maker of mud statues for the court theater of the universe atop Ziggurats. The J author is believed to have taken much of the stories from ancient Sumer that were still extant such as the tale of Gilgamesh and added them to the beginning of the account of the times of Abraham. The E writer brought in Elohim as a concept of redacting Genesis at a court of Samaria.

Literal interpretation of the Bible is an easy way to misunderstand yet recapitulate things saving on much learning. The same method is used in economics and politics especially during Presidential campaign season.

Sumer as an ancient civilization beginning about 5000 B.C.E. is fascinating to read about even as Rosenberg attempts to reconstruct the ancient city structure and the philosophical role of various religious beliefs. It was all an excellent precursor for the appearance of Jesus Christ as God yet man on Earth. Yes, I still think He is the Messiah even though the ancient Biblical history is possibly not just as one naively might believe it to be.