Anthropic Synthetic Chancres Drive Whales Over the Edge

Government propagandists seldom come out of the closet to disclose themselves as Satan’s evil minions. Politicians of doom dump a number of organizational incursions into private realms, make the public realm their own resource nugget and advocate interests corrupting a citizen’s quiet enjoyment of life and pursuit of happiness. Liberal use of force is the road more travelled by a surfeit of advancing agencies of evil.

So three Orca whales perished recently swimming in the fresh water of the Nushagak River and why one might ask, did they venture beyond the salt water safety of Bristol Bay. In the dangers of shallow water, seasonal river freezing and skin disease not to mention bear attack two adult whales-one pregnant late term and a juvenile whale swam to their deaths from unknown cause-perhaps stress or some unknown virus.

Orcas have been forced by human action out of their traditional homes all along the west coast of the U.S.A. In Alaska the issue of developing a vast copper mine in the salmon stream headwaters of Bristol Bay is a contemporary political issue-one might like to think the whales were a Buddhist monk-like suicide protest of the mine development.

Orca whales have experienced population decline and habitat changes as new chancres of industrial development trashing their habitat. Orcas’ main food sources-larger whales, fish and pinnipeds have all declined in numbers from human over-predation. The Orcas have scraped the bottom of the barrel for food amidst a century of engine noise assaulting their sensitive sonar acoustic hearing, oil spills, toxic waste dumping, mining affluence and human direct assault for sadistic pleasure. Swimming upriver to protest Bristol Bay becoming another Puget Sound practically dead to whales was perhaps a worthwhile gesture considering the futility the Orca species has in hoping to exist as healthy free beings into future generations.

The people of the Untied States also experience the savage logical, progressive annihilation of their own ecospheric habitat as a consequence of unreformed capitalism’s domination of politics and ecosphere destruction. Herman Cain’s relationships with the AFP; a billionaire founded agitation group for tax cuts for the rich and deregulation of ecospheric defense-is exemplary of the war on the ecosphere today littering political thought.

Federalism precludes any state border control or limitation to population control by state officials. An acceptable policy when unity promoted economic strength instead of economic and political weakness.

If S.E. Alaska became an independent state rid of the oppression of Anchorage, the Alaska Public Radio syndicate and habitat destroying road builders it could sustain a small population in a healthy ecosystem like a small nation-yet federalism would make immigration control impossible so the effort to become the 51st state would be worthless. Population would flood in as it became prosperous, ruin the ecosphere and then move away when it became a wreck.

All of the 50 states ecospheres are doomed by federal power preventing state border and immigration control. Liberal interstate commerce and migration deregulations were fine in a frontier era when everyone had their head up their ass on environmental science. Today such policies are promoted by rich agents of retardation and of ecospheric destruction and their entourages.

The policy of force overcomes that of defense of human ecospheric security.