The Beastly Mark of Herman Cain’s Tax Plan

Republican Presidential candidate Herman Cain has an inverted 6’s tax plan-the 999 plan. That makes me wonder if the Biblical mark of Cain is a forerunner of the Biblical mark of the beast-999.

In this third millennium C.E. the U.S.A. has had a rich selection of presidential leadership that a citizen might consider Satanic.

President Obama has probably considered making Elton Johns’ ‘Crocodile Rock’ the new Army fight song to go with his homosexual military policy seemingly designed to corrupt youth.

That policy is probably a special economic swamp requiring off base housing for homos that would need to be equal to that of hetero married couples to prevent discrimination suits

. Probably President Obama and Admiral Mullins will want to have military schools get new textbooks that teach why its o.k. to buy ruby red lipstick for presents to male non-commissioned officers.

The new U.S. gay is o.k. policy for the military’ must make Satan happy. A new President should work to overturn the corruption of youth policy as a priority along with deleting abortion.

Herman Cain’s tax plan to war upon the poor is heinous class warfare that must also bring a warm glow to the evil transcendent macro-Devil of the pit who is boss of many of the rich-if not all.

With anything less than a 70% income tax on the rich wealth becomes too concentrated and a de facto royalty forms. Americans move toward becoming a golomite evil empire much like the Mexico of the Hapsburg era. The rich own everything going away and the majority becomes servo-unit happy faces with no insides politically.

Intellectuals not in the top five percent families become unable to own or invent things for profit of themselves. The cost of entry level production chips becomes far too high for new inventions and the rich own all the materials for production. Production components are located in China and if one needs to use 20 or 30 different materials to fabricate a new product the import costs are too high for the formerly independent nation-except for the rich that are investors in China. Warren Buffet for example is a billionaire investor in a Chinese electric car manufacture. Paradoxically Buffet has supported realistically higher taxes on the rich as an exception to the war on the poor policy of Herman Cain.

Herman Cain has been influenced by two billionaire brothers-the Koch Brothers (David and Charles) who founded a tax cut agitation organization inappropriately named the AFP-Americans for Prosperity. It should have been named BFAP-Billionaires for Absolute Power. Mr. Cain’s campaign manager worked for AFP.

While the repressive upper class makes owning a hut an impossibility, and as illegal immigrant workers stream in to take jobs for decades, Wal-Mart becomes full of cloned class shoppers buying things made in China because nothing is made in the U.S. except for Hollywood porn, sports videos, Toyotas and oil drilling rigs.

The 9% income tax on the rich would be an effective way to let Satan rule America more directly, and so it isn’t surprising that Herman Cain’s plan is popular with the extreme right, homosexuals and dominitrices seeking to cozy up the corporate world. President Obama has already extended tax cuts for the rich for the remainder of his term as servant to the rich and homosexual.

Herman Cain having already taken the job maybe no white person would do (polemical Hispanics say that of all the jobs the poor would have if there were no illegal aliens in the U.S.A. and supply and demand was allowed to work for the labor side too—and that is not the reason the Iranian effort to blow up the Saudi Ambassador in Washington D.C. was offered to a Mexican Zeta perhaps) as CEO of Godfather’s Pizza because of its obvious nod to organized crime has advanced an absurd tax plan that would dump huge sales tax increases on the poor and cut taxes on the rich instead of raising them to 70%. That sort of class war is bold and perhaps dirty enough that no white person would take the job of making such cruel and unfair policy proposition besides when Steve Forbes made a 10% flat tax plan.

Maybe the inverted 6’s tax plan is Herman Cain’s idea of making a bold offer the public can’t refuse-yet they should just shoot first and pull the ballot punch trigger on any other candidate besides Herman Cain in the primaries ahead in order to fight for the side of truth, the poor and Mitt Romney. To just say no to corrupt tax decreases on the rich is still a good idea to keep the Republic viable-a 70% tax rate on the rich was good enough for Ike.

President Obama as the first black clansman-in-chief hasn’t suggested that Mexico become a Swedish style socialist nation in order to integrate its corruptible-by-narco-traffickers police force into an equitable national income distribution egalitarian culture, yet perhaps he would if not a servo-unit for the new imperialism swollen into sun-king status after the end of the cold war and increasing tax cuts.

Rich politicians that prefer a Mugabe style democracy for Mexico and the United States with wealth and power extremely concentrated have their new man in Herman Cain to carry their bullhorn. Only Rick Perry offers a more pathetic potential for concentrating wealth, foreign wars and a decaying nationalism and local ecosphere than the Obama-Cain team pulling the tax cut sled of goodies for wealthy global supremacists.