The Jobless Job Stimulus Plan of President Obama

President Obama has developed a plan to create jobs for government workers without explaining how that creates sustainable jobs in the private sector. The plan for a job bill of about half a trillion dollars borrowed from China seems designed just to pay for local government salaries along with some special contractors. There is nothing sustainable in that sort of borrow money from China to pay for local government.
A right thinking jobs stimulus would provide grant money to small business start ups evaluated as probably viable by qualified people. New private sector jobs need to be created outside government that would hire additional people and have a chance of lasting for years with new economic production.

Producing new material goods in the United States is one way to create sustainable new hires. An example might be…

A guy in Wasilla or Wrangell Alaska wants to make trimaran sailboats in a new wood chip and glue process to make a vessel faster, lighter and cheaper than with fiberglass-the cost of that material is high today. The innovator even imagines building ultra-light aircraft from the new lightweight woodchip and glue material. He can get the wood chips, the glue and can make the molds yet he needs 200,000 dollars to jump start the process.This particular example is a fiction that I invented for illustrative purposes.

Borrowing money from China to add to the national debt to pay for local government projects is not an intelligent way to stimulate job creation. In fact it may be necessary to develop posse’ to replace lost police funding, and to outsource public education to private schools. Plainly modern technology should be used to enhance education and self-education/independent study projects from students to compensate for inadequate human teachers when needed. There might be a better way to use wireless internet opportunity for education that would reinforce public education delivery that would surpass localization that developed in the days of the Little School House on the Prairie that then grew into the Big Urban Prison School in the Ghetto.

There might be a role for funding local government new business projects though if developed creatively. An example would be the West Texas draught and dry farming phenomenology that suggests creating a solar powered desalinization and steam power generation infrastructure perhaps from Sergeant Texas water intake-processing facility to Lubbock. Fresnel lenses and fields of mirrors used to heat up Gulf of Mexico saltwater to create vapor for condensation capture then steam for pumping the water uphill 2500 feet to Lubbock from whence it might flow downhill to San Angelo irrigating cotton fields on the way could create more employment in the farming, solar and wind power sectors as well as others. Realistic economic stimulus needs to create sustainable development.

West Texas farmers should be required to allow green wild spaces between farms instead of ploughing the entire countryside so it’s nothing besides cultivated dirt awaiting wind and rain. Wildlife needs some boundary margins to exist within after all.