The Industrial Gnostic Excuse for Global Warming

A new excuse for global warming has been broadcast by some contemporary radio political-religious evangelists that finds a theological premise that acquits mankind from causing or increasing global warming; only God can create the sun and warm or change the atmosphere. That false alternative argument dangerously chops logic short. I believe God created things within His will yet uncertainty and contingent freedom of motion and choice exist such that industrial gnosticism cannot aquit excuse mankind from being a willfull sinner or agent causing global warming.

That erroneous notion is a product of an hierarchical priesthood that has too close of a political and economic relationship with a certain military-industrial oil complex. If a more egalitarian priesthood of believers derived from the venerable friends efforts of the 19th century were popular and upgraded to modern networking liturgucal and Christian welfare status replaced the put ourselves first above the laity approach these sorts of conflicts of interest would be less likely to develop.

As a Christian it is useful to take a stand for clarification of a contemporary maladroit excuse used by some hierarchical ministries in opposition to global warming. Global warming is opposed by some on a vaguely gnostic basis such that mankind can not effect the environment or the atmosphere but only God can. The same reasoning might be equally well applied to inebriation as an excuse for drunk driving; God created mankind therefore drunkeness is natural and man can not be at fault for getting tanked. The Bible of course relates that drunkards will not inherit the kingdom of heaven.

premise one; God created the Universe

premise two; God created mankind and all is predetermined

Conclusion; Mankind can do no wrong

Plainly the reasoning is faulty. global warming is not a crank scientific hypotheis but a measurement of temperature, temperature history of course, yet also a measurement of the amount of carbon dioxide in the world created by mankind, the ability of the ecosphere to process carbon dioxide and the effect of carbon dioxide on increasing atmosoheric temperature.

Exploitation of a gnostic heresy formerly applied to excuse sin to excuse corrupting the atmosphere and world ecosystems with excess carbon dioxide that will make the oceans more acidic and increase atmospheric temperature is a disingenuous attempt by those in oil producing and polluting industrial relationships to curry favor from there wealthy patrons.

Mankind is responsible for his/her ecosphere of the Earth. mankind can change the environment from logging forests, using cobalt bombs to annihilate the atmosphere or just nuclear bombs to create global winter or simply melt the Antarctic ice cap along with Greenland’s to raise the level of the ocean. Fossil fuel burning automobiles and lots of heat absorbing asphalt can accomplish about the same things-though not instantly end the existence of the atmosphere.

God has created the universe and universe of universes and given mankind the ability to alter elements of its composition substantially. Denial of the responsibility of mankind to regulate the world’s atmospheric temperature so far as possible and not to destroy what God has abundantly provided for human existence and health is the most rank sort of misguidance industrial gnosticism can dump on the people of the U.S.A. and even the world.