Moamar Khaddafi Terminated in Libya-Foreign Policy Challenges for Next President

With the death of Moamar Khaddafi the United States will have a few new foreign policy challenges in the future years. president Obama’s policy to remove the former dictator in Libya and the President of Egypt, along with his advocacy for the removal of Syrian President Assad has brought an element of uncertainty regarding the redistribution of weapons, explosives and political loyalties in the middle east and North Africa. The next President of the United States should adopt a policy less of spend and dump weapons to new strong men and not over-anticipate development of new social reality in those nations.

Certainly the dynamics for support of new terrorist organizations exists in the neo-democratic chaotic interregnum of secret police force in Libya and the development of new power centers in Egypt also presents the prospect for alliances perhaps seeking to advance an agenda against western secularis in its morally decadent phase.

The arguements about the reality of moral norms in a western civilization experiencing population decline and rise of non-theistic amoral secularism might readily be transcended by fundamental Moslems agitating for population power expansion over their own and foreign nations. I suppose neither globalists of the jihaddist or corporatist ethos have concern about the ecospheric decay of the Earth.

President Obama cannot substitute foreign corpses of dictators for a good domestic ecospheric and economic policy; his new jobs program is mostly a way to fund local governments and government projects with borrowed money from China that will cost twice the price to repay-a tax on the next generation to pay for government today.