The U.S. Military as an Agent of Ecological Adversity Ecological Adversity

The Pentagon has reports on everything, yet it has been one of the larger factors of ecospheric detriment over the decades from radiation dispersion, nuclear weapons, chemical weapons, defoliation, agent orange, egregious gasoline and flight fuel use, deisel gas pollution etc.

The disruptive effect on the Iraqi ecospheric portion for instance, has been devastatingly polluting. Good post 2003 war planning could have defeated the protracted chaos, conflict and civil war that followed with U.S. troops leaving only later this year. Vietnam also experienced ecospheric devastation. In some regards the U.S. military approach toward the ecosphere has been comparable to that of the communist party of the Soviet Union and that of Vietnam on its Mekong River drainage downgrade.

U.S. diplomacy fails to direct commerical interests and synergetic defense and economic planning domestically and internationally toward coordinated and ecospherically beneficient outcomes. The 1990 Gulf War stimulated Saddam Hussein to set his oil wells taken from kuwait on fire polluting the air. U.S. policy that will deploy the military must be competent to comprehend the green axial dimensions and not just the coaxial box of bullets.

The United States occassionally talks tall on environmentalism yet most of its commercial leadership seems to be plain stupid or indifferent. I think chimpanzees could drive SUVs if taught-that can’t be the final state of human progress and the human way of life needs to become ecospherically benign or even friendly. The military pace of ecosphere recovery would make all of America prisoners of war doomed for unfair execution by some ecomaniac in charge of the forces for global warming.

A Brit with the name of Lord Rees wrote a book anmed ‘Our Final Century’. I guess he is less optomistic thatn the late Jacque Cousteau who gave humankind 200 years to live before the dummies paving things everywhere fry the plant life into desert condition. Lord Rees’ Talk on ‘Our Final Century’

As a politically correct federal entity the U.S. military must try to appeare to support rational policy, yet the socialization the military gives to its recruits and even officers does not create an ecospheric ethic at all.

The military may ‘call’ for action on ecospheric recovery yet it’s inertia does little to support an ecospheric recovery in practice. the military industrial complex is led by CEOs and generals, Admirals and bureaucrats that are perhaps the driving force in a non-rational human relationship to ecospheric recovery integrated with business in the United States.

One might believe that a chimpanzee can drive an SUV to a simple job and back, pave the world with asphalt and find the meaning of life at Wal-mart, yet the ecosphere is in decay and very few employees of the military industrial complex seem to have a clue from the lack of public advocacy, of how to transition to an ecospherically recovering, sustainable eco-business synthesis.