Quantum Creation and Embedded Evolution

Evolution theory need not be held to be inconsistent with belief in God. So much has been learned in the fields of Biblical scholarship and of ancient history and pre-history since 1900 that the transcendence of traditional boundaries of knowledge has advanced routinely. Neils Bohr and quantum mechanics advances, Einstein and relativity, Albright, Rosenberg and the biography of Abraham as a work of reasoned historic speculation have their places along with cosmology, multiverse theory and analysis of the books of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

One must suspend skepticism and learn of interdisciplinary fields for-oneself if one wishes to achieve a deeper awareness of the marvelous power and capacity of God to emanate beingness.

The Universe and the mechanics of its structured change as temporal evolution are a subset of God’s creative nature. The proximal cause is not the first apse, and the first cause is not the necessary Author of a temporal causal sequence.

Even Stephen Hawking was able to imagine a universe that begins without a dimension of time; instead time is a dimension of space that flips into juxtaposition with additional spatial dimension later conferring upon a hypothetical cosmology the condition of a Universe becoming without a beginning in time.

Dr. Hawking’s reduction of time in cosmology to a spatial dimension aside, the Creator of all things may not have a causal separation at all from all-possible-universes. All possible universes may exist as a reduction from within the nature of God. The contents of each temporal manifestation may be said to have a beginning in time whenever that beginning phenomenally occurs.

Fortunately we have Einstein’s theory of relativity to help form concepts about the theological causal relativism of a phenomenal temporal Universe or multiverse set within God’s mind-plans. A multiverse without a beginning in time ala Hawking’s that flipped into temporality from dimensional unpacking in accord with the will of God is interesting to consider.

All matter is known to be made of waveforms of subatomic particles. Electrons exist in all possible locations until measured when they are regarded as a point at a particular location. Perhaps an electron exists as an energy potential of crinkled space-time area that discharges to a particular location when measured.

Reading of Boze-Einstein condensates wherein the waves of atoms super-cooled to within a degree of absolute zero resonate at one frequency one can only wonder of the possibilities for quantum entanglement experimentation on teleportation of electrons and photons.

One must wonder what effect such wave Boze-Einstein condensate field resonation synchronicity would have upon the deeper associated field of all possible locations in quantum uncertainty. If the universe began at absolute zero temperature instead of very hot with the entirety of all crinkled space-time waveforms as a super-cooled enigma in the void we might wonder what that would comprise as an in-itself. An infinite quantity of synchronized potential mass-energy might be concentrated in an arbitrary, scalable waveform frozen in time with dimensions of infinite number folded, super-positioned and associated in waveform synchronicity.

Well, it is fun to speculate about cosmological physics. One might accept the premises of evolution within the 13.7 billion year old Universe and yet place the entire Universe and possible multiverse as phenomena of temporality-a motion of waveforms-within a project area of an omnipotent, eternal God who surpasses the temporal not by outlasting it, but by being wholly other as an Eternal Being transcending temporality. Time of 14 billion years may be as a second or less to the Eternal God, or vice versa.

It is simple to use the neo-Platonist philosopher Plotinus’ Enneads as an example of a non-temporal God issuing a temporal universe or multiverse, though one may also postulate the entire Universe as a phenomenal waveform sequence created by God that mankind might experience it phenomenally, existentially. The nature of time and being of those waveforms are contingent upon the will of God to sustain the Universe as it is. The ultimate explanation of waveforms as strings, membranes or issued contingent denouement of energy lay outside material explanation and within the spirit of God. Leibniz had the right sentiment on that topic with his one-dimensional spiritual monads even if not exactly the right structural explanation.

Within Rosenberg’s criteria of Genesis as written by the J and E writers the problems that so many have found in the creation story are prevalently negated. J is said to have unknown of Sumerian history and their flood stories and simply added that on to her material recounting Abraham’s migration from Sumer to Jerusalem and the Jordan Valley. History lost the origin of the undoubtedly true Sumerian stories-though stories that were also changed over the thousands of years of telling before being written in cuneiform in the late 4th millennium B.C. As Abraham naturally was evolved into developing a good relationship with God the foundation for the later interactions of God with men and women of faith was set. The prophets and Jesus Christ would bring the living Word of God to mankind though the origin was humble and surprisingly logical.

The New Testament has very little about creation cosmology within it. More is said by Jesus about the end times than the beginning. The sayings of Matthew 24 could be consistent with numerous cosmological end of days scenarios including a possible Big Rip from Lambda space expansion in just 2 billion years. At some point in the future space-time relativity may become artificially exploited for some reason-perhaps as a science project or even as common technology. Space-time segments may be repackaged in disconformal arrays moving the distant future to the past. The stars may fall from the sky moving ‘south’.