Free Political Criticism of Alaska Republican and Democratic Parties

Alaska’s Republican and Democratic Parties have the chance to improve their job performance if given sufficient criticism-they don’t usually get enough as the public is rather miserly with that so I will share some.

The State legislature is usually concerned about slicing up the oil royalty pie, and on how much to tax the oil companies-Alaskans don’t have a state income tax and the 750,000 citizens rely on their legislature and Governor to decide how to pay for the state government and channel the money to the right people.

When Sarah Palin was Governor she made the state tax policy on oil corporate profits progressive. When the price per barrel increased the state share in taxes increased too. The Present Governor is nothing like that. Governor Parnell is not a chip off the old block at all and seeks to cut oil corporate taxes with the theory that it would increase their production and the increased through-put of state natural resources to global corporations would in some way make up for potential future loss of state oil tax revenue because of diminishing production.

Plainly the Governor is in the pocket of big oil and supports off shore drilling. The Governor also supports making the Susitna River drainage a kind of Ruhr Industrial Park with cheap electricity from a future 700-foot tall dam on the upper Susitna to provide cheap electricity ‘one hundred years’.

The Governor certainly isn’t looking ahead militarily a hundred years. Just one drone aircraft packed with next generation explosives could knock out the dam and plunge the rail-belt people below in the dark-all the way to Anchorage. It would be the first target to hit in event of any future war, and the vulnerability to easy destruction the next century might make the Republican Party even more reliant upon supervision by Chinese industrial consultants that might want to get involved with the ore processing too. Plainly diversified alternate energy accentuating non-state production is a better bet for liberty.

The Governor and the Republicans are sycophants of global corporate interests and fundamentally want to have a monopolistic power authority, consolidated political control totalizing political liberty and reducing competition and no environmental ripples on the oil sheen of Alaska’s future. The Democratic Party as the weird sex party at state and national levels have low boundary concerns and just want to hop into one big happy bed as socialist DSKs.

Alaska’s diversification is really somewhat illusory in the economic field as the large global corporations fundamentally own the state legislature via both party’s competition to get priority at the corporate spigot. No other business is possible besides the corporate mining and oil of course, and even electrical power needs to be an anti-free enterprise state dominated phenomena.

In Washington State in the 50s and 60s a lot of dams were built to produce cheap power for Aluminum manufactures and of course nuclear bomb and weapons research. The Susitna Dam could produce new earthquakes and maybe a smelter for processing ore for vast copper mines near Bristol Bay (a recent 27,000 word privately funded economic impact paper is probably a butt kissing report by Anglo-American), yet the Governor wants approval of the Pebble Mine that would probably devastate fisheries at Bristol Bay eventually and is looking beyond that to providing cheap power down the road processing ore and metals manufacturing.

Real Republicans in Alaska could look to California free enterprisers in producing fuel cell power plants for Alaska that would create jobs in the U.S.A. and be safer to operate in Alaska. Real Republican theory would let mining and industrial corporations produce their own electricity instead of acting like a Soviet organ to provide low-cost state power supply to industry. From the oil depletion allowance to the Republican reliance on oil for income and power as if conservation was defined by the fuel with the most high carbon dioxide output per volume the neglect of free enterprise and alternate energy development is notable.

The dialectical evolution of dumb economic and ecological development is an inevitable consequence of the kind of people that make of the Alaska government today. At least there is no point in wasting time with any hope for tomorrow. Medals and retirements to plush locations down south await them all, and with the broadcast media in their pockets no chance of local political independence meaningfully exists in Alaska or the U.S.A.