The Emperor Theory of Quantum Cosmology

An article in the Scientific American blog mentioned a quantum cosmology theory of interest.The theory of a quantum field with supersymmetry goes deeper than quantum mechanics and the General Theory of Relativity too I would guess. The theory covers ground beyond M-Theory perhaps that would unify the hypothetical super-string theories.

It seems like a great idea since the quantification of all of the elements of mass and energy in space-time has been a project since Plank and Einstein got that ball rolling at the start of the 1900’s.

I would guess that the trouble is that it is difficult to know what should be quantified as reference objects. The very small and the very large are part of a continuum, along with everything that existed before the start of the Universe obviously. Knowledge of anything such as hypothetical gravitons and strings, membranes of zero-dimension and fields of energy, in addition to ‘dark energy’ and the possible kinds of existing things besides matter and anti-matter are nominal reference objects. They could be spiritual monads as Leibniz wrote, yet the solidity of physical constants at least of a long-lasting temporal character in steady state physics of the Universe is evident at least so far as providing meaning structures comparable to the chords made sounding on a guitar…for residents of the strings they would be powerful frequencies of experience.

Physicists have much room for theoretical work in the years ahead.