Stars and Empty Space version 2.0 (poem)

The sun chases around empty space
leaving its past behind in recurrent place
near emptiness with virtual particles and cosmic rays
crenellated dimensions; six extra small ones they’ve waved
one star in a metaphor of warped space still
time a fully extended direction processing space force fields

Stars burning hydrogen in darkness’ sight
abyssal dream of non-being night
attuned to the transformation of elemental ideas
stars move like unit cartridges in a river flowing near
packaged to burn with nowhere to go

Like past season’s tents pitched
aslope on soggy moss in fog
H20 yet unfrozen early snow descends upon soggy logs
thoughts of God we believe everywhere
similes of pre-formed patterns niche
determinism of constructed universes strung together

As the Lamb of God was slaughtered
from the first moment intelligence became lost
recovering the beginning of time with a Word for others
we’ve asked pardon for misunderstanding tossed
everything subject to analytique and reasoned theory
that seems beautiful topography for-itself grown weary
of age and time away from the beginning
stars in greater movements
in the space-book of live pages turned
through wonderful mystery.