Free Expression of Religious Ideas, Corporatism and the Late Soviet State

Free expression of an apposite or opposite opinion exclusive of ad hominems hardly shoves Rama down a throat. In the late Soviet Union individuals were not permitted to express unscreened or uncensored opinions. Committees reviewed even Solzhenitsyn’s writings and he had only one book published in that country and it was swiftly withdrawn. You should read the official transcripts for that committee review of Solshzenitsyn’s ‘The Cancer Ward’. I am a little concerned that corporatism and its control of the www. may duplicate that process de facto.

There is a common antipathetic attitude shared by some of the unsaved regarding the expression of ideas provided by God via Holy scripture. It is not necessary to first accept the erroneous beliefs or points of view of foes of the veracity of scripture before expressing one’s own correct ideas.

Hannah Arendt’s treatise ‘The Banality of Evil’ captured some of the implict fault of original sin expressed in the person of Adolph Eichman. Humans tend to cluster in large organizations and reinforce attitudes with use-truths. That characteristic is expressed in anti-environmentalism as well as the selection of many pragmatic homosexuals and abortionists to oppose phenomenal organized moral position antipathetic to the Sodom ande Gommorah way of life. Sure one may discover social moral relativism in select sectarian organizations historically too. When humans with original sin organize the organization cannot purge itself of that characteristic even if it is a religious organization.

It is lucky for us that God saw fit to let a crusade sack Constantinople and enable the Ottoman to finish off the rump state of the Eastern Roman Empire in the 15th century before Columbus discovered America, otherwise their might still be a contiguous New Roman Empire in the western hemisphere-what a fine design though human beings with free will made it allso bloody here and there.

Immanuel Kant urged that people think for themselves and was critical of authorities and individuals that did not do that. It is quite possible to sort through ideas for-oneself and arrive at the conclusion that the Bible is true and that the momentous choice that people have to believe or not is as well.

It isn’t a new thing; FrederickSchleilermacher wrote a book called ‘On Religion and It’s Cultured Despisers’, that title is perennially appropriate for the new scientific and cultural opinions against Jesus Christ.