The Plank epoch and The One

Philosophical areas of the unknown still exist. One such area shared with cosmology is the Plank epoch in the first 10^-43rd power of the history of the Universe. Christians have faith in the Person of the Trinity rather than in a given cosmological theory of which there is a new and true one several times a year. Some have said that not all tautologies are invalid. Self-standing concept paradigms may be rare yet God as a self-standing Being cannot depend upon His creations to assure Him of his existence nor even rely upon them to ‘prove’ it.. From a given neo-Platonist point of view God has no need to ask questions because He has the answers already. It is a mystery why anything exists yet it is also not. A Divine Creator is creative infinitely.

The problem of solipsism has been gone over a lot, as has Bishop Berkley’s paradigm of idea-ism. There was much philosophical research into the field of what is perceptible to mind and what qualities exist in nature-I won’t repeat much of that here.

With Quine’s notion from ‘Ontological Relativity’ that self-consistent lexicons (and associated concept meanings) are the way things are, it is useful to not attempt to annihilate parallel lexicons and consolidate them within a grand unified lexicon (especially of science). So much meaning would be lost along with the concepts for human use and thought in that process of developing a universal vocabulary of logical positivism.

Obviously scientific work has generally not pursued spiritual concerns, and for all I know it has not developed a subset of definitions of the meaning of spiritual. One might look to theologians for that perhaps.

Scientists might tend to regard spirit as a kind of substance if it exists and then proceed to test for that as something that should exist adjacent to neutrinos and other no or very low mass particles-or at least as a spiritual membrane or monad. Yet spirit can also simply mean the phenomena of mind and life of a human being-its complete history and self-awareness.

In that context spiritual affairs are of more important than quantum mechanics. A Christian might infer that God as a spiritual being is of far more, and perhaps entirely separate from any sort of quantum mechanical differentiation of essence. That is, God as a monism isn’t the sum of a plurality of parts or attributes.

Physicists work on developing a unified field theory or basic description of the foundation of the natural Universe. Christians have the faith that God is the basic principle and Author of reality regardless of the proximal manifestation of a given Universe or percepts of its content. Obviously a sub-routine cannot comprehend the entire program generally, of which it is a part. In fact a computer program can be written that writes new sub-routines as a part of its programming (a dangerous sort of thing if combined with robotics), perhaps comparable to a human being, and even so it cannot comprehend the entire program of which it is a part if that program is very sophisticated.

Such a computer program that could achieve self-comprehension would become identical with itself, for-itself achieving little or nothing in writing new subroutines that would differentiate it from itself. Such differentiation or isolation of ‘galaxies’ from the Universal program would produce interference, turbulence and even chaos. If the differentiation were early enough in the history of the program then the horizon problem common to cosmological theorists would arise.

For one must wonder if the inflaton or VSL paradigms developed to explain the expansion of the Universe such that the cosmic microwave background indicates that there is little differentiation in the mass structure of the Universe at an early stage could be transcended by any kind of faster-than-light universally instantaneous communication systems superior to the local programming instructions of the galaxies of parts when they expanded far beyond range of sub-luminal communication.

For the Plank era it isn’t known what energy values or structure prevailed. It is a cloud of unknowing as it were. Godel’s incompleteness theorem seems to work with the reversability of cosmology applicable at either end of a finite series of formulas modeling the structure of the history of the Universe.

One of the authors of the VSL theory provided revised equation for Einstein’s E=mc²… Ep in the equation is the Planck energy.

E= mc²
1 + mc²


I will rewrite the equation since I can’t get the editor to line it up correctly…

E= mc²/1 + mc²/Ep

Christians can wonder about a Spiritual Author of reality and of all potential histories such as Plotinus conjectured about (The One) whom is omnipotent and omniscient without need for actualization or extension into a Universe with forms and alas broken forms.