Spaghetti-Care Health Bill Patches U.S. Spree’s Court (political humor)

Keeping the modern American tradition of hotwiring any possible sort of political legislation to make special interests happy the Court of All Possible Errors led by Chief Justice Shurbert voted Spaghetti-Care constitutional and individual man-date junkie dorrie because it’s only a tax. A bubbly, refreshing and sparkling corporate media mogul sparks person said that Justice Shurbert’s decision to side with the Spaghetti-care supply-siders was inevitable since the Chief Justice Shurbert is the most capitalized member investor in Corporatopia of the Spree Court and ordering transfer payments from individuals to Health Corporations by legal mandate of dedicated taxation is good for corporate profits health.

 In writing the majority opinion Chie f Justice Shurbert tweeted that  “Anyone not buying an epub copy of St. Novilistricka Dimensions for $1.49 deserves to be taxed.” The dissenting opinion by Justice Excoriation gibed the opposite course; “The government should not tell people to buy anything besides “A Placed for Faith” in epub for $1.49.”
 The progressive deterioration of U.S. political legislation and rise of maf-media influence since the end of the cold war have brought compiling debt, globalization and an incompetent, ineffective government fiscally Darwinian tangled-bank of policy hybridization to let bureaucracy and corporate power increase with borrowed money while concentrating wealth. U.S. home mortgages were set on a global windowsill like hot apple pies letting the Chinese Communist Party roll up Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.
 Analysts have noted whenever Republican leadership fails to provide attractive free market reforms and to deliver a better lifestyle for the poor without onerous conditions the default positions inevitably develop to prop up short term media populism grown in the underwater ethos of decayed tree branches.
 In 1889 the State of Washington became part of the U.S.A., yet in Germany Otto Von Bismarck created the first old age retirement system that was later lost after Britain dragged the U.S.A. into the first world war enabling the revolt against the German Government, rise of Hitler’s 3rd Reich and empowerment of the Soviet Union. If pragmatism had reached Washington in 1889 to provide free health care for the poor and Veterans the rise of bureaucratic entanglement of banks too big to be honest and bureaucracies too big to be competent might not have occurred.
 Some have suggested that like Adolph Hitler’s populism in the form of national socialism in 1930’s Germany with fast highway bills and federal jobs programs paid for with vast deficit spending, the Leader’s populism may also stimulate rapid growth with piles of nearly worthless currency, yet cynics suggest there are few new prosperous nations out there to plunder and that look the 3rd Reich the collapse of the heavily indebted government is the most probably theoretical scenario for achieving fiscal equilibrium with or without foreign war. The 4th way of a Mexicanization intermezzo redistributing power of the U.S. economy back to a corrupt conservative class via neo-civil strife is the most hyperthetical doemstic alternative scenario for disavowing domestic debt.
 Reacting to the new Republican Presidential Candidate Mick Rockney took a line from the movie ‘The Funk of Dreams‘ where the brain damaged offensive football lineman said ‘If that plan don’t work, they will come.” Rockney said, “If that plan isn’t replaced economic collapse may follow.”
 The Executive Designer of Spaghetti-care immediately sought to place individual man-date tax structures on cable television subscription, old gay sailors homes and vacations to Hawaii in beachfront condos with fully stocked refrigerators and membership in Oahu brand floating Golf and Country Clubs.
 If social security were run with 50 different state policies without an ability for the poor to annually journey amongst states without switching legal state citizenship and coverage base it could become equally as ineffective as Spaghetti-care. Time delays implementing coverage and legal efforts to controvert citizenship status by states and insurers (i.e. the accused said he ‘lived in Oklahoma 2 days already with an intent to look for work before moving on to Dallas then New Orleans, offshore then on to Florida and up the East Coast and got a hernia in Georgia working day labor for a day on the way‘).
 Because social security like Spaghetti care would be regarded as a tax, it would be swell to make it illegal to have coverage of Spaghetti-care or social security. Then those to poor to maintain enrollment or have Internet access, a post office box or residence in another state they look for work in each month could be regarded as outlaws and taxed whenever they became ill or were unable to afford a new car, new home, utilities and etc.
 Decades of pork barrel hybrid bill grafting have allowed expert political malpractice to develop in the nation’s capital. A uniform national health care infrastructure for the poor that unified with V.A. hospital coverage networks would be the actual cheapest way to provide an affordable safety net for the poor on health, yet of course political ideology of the Congress could not allow anything realistic to exist-therefore the interminable grafting of pigs with wings in Washington D.C. continues as a chimera dancing on the horizon to media power while rational ecospheric, economic and security policy fades into the ash heap of history.