First Obama Term Shy on Economic Reformation, Leadership, Progress

President Obama’s first term spent the Democratic majority in the House and Senate for a mess of pottage; the preeminent legislative action to reform the economy and to offer incentives to make more competition in the business of electric cars just did not happen. In fact the recent executive order to increase the m.p.g. for U.S. cars will extend the fossil fuel/CO2/funding of foreign terrorist/destruction of the ecosphere policies of the past.
It is well known that the oil-gas industry has U.S. politicians in their pocket. The President hasn’t meaningfully changed that position a little. If the Congress had set a 4 dollar a gallon minimum price for gasoline into law-adding tax to raise the price to 4 dollars when it drops below that then the power of business competition and research to put out electric cars that are affordable and work for fewer dollars per gallon would have gone ahead with the assurance that the oil industry would not just drop the price of gas again to make the electric vehicle investments unprofitable.
The oil industry should not have it’s depletion allowance continued, and the wind and solar collector developers should have a ten-year very low tax rate and tax credit to promote innovation and drop the costs to consumers. The Obama administration squandered its opportunities to bring new ideas to the Congress and instead pursued a homosexual hegemony and middle class medical benefits while failing to reform Wall Street meaningfully too.
The administration has failed to cut military spending significantly, its has relied on Fed Chief Bernanke to buy U.S. bonds, debase the dollar a little and just print money to prop up a weak economy ill-founded upon a global skimming system on Wall Street that it failed to reform. It spent a trillion dollars on a job stimulus that created worker for government workers and favorite contractors of Chicago and elsewhere and did little for the private sector. It plans to spend add a trillion dollars a year of deficit spending to reach the goal of 26 trillion dollars of public debt within a decade.
One recalls when President Kennedy has a 50-mile hike program for the nation, and when a man was to land on the moon within a decade and Neil Armstrong achieved that goal. With some economic legislation to strengthen the competition of the alternate energy sector and with a space program that would develop electro-magnetic launchers for easy orbital access a moon research base could be constructed. With better home zoning smaller, more secure and energy independent homes could be the norm for the U.S.A.
With a better understanding of terrorism in Indonesia. Malaysia, Pakistan, Afghanistan and elsewhere, such as brought K.M.H. to justice the determination to create security for the Muslim world as well as the United States ought to be able to reduce the number of conventional military personnel the U.S.A. deploys to zones of nation-rebuilding to instead instill security arrangements for the willing and bomb-proof ecospheric renewal work opportunities for the unemployed. The Democrat Party has dropped the ball the last four years as if it had forgotten how to lead and instead planned to just be a government insider party that lets the global corporate world and small businesses exist phenomenally with the premise that the U.S. Government will not change anything much at all to make it work more effectively to meet the vital needs of Americans.