Pope Gregory Speaks Out Against Homosexual ‘Marriage’

The Pope finally expressed a plain opinion about the corruption of marriage of recent times in the U.S.A. Heterosexuals will need to found a new social institution such as heteromony to replace the nearing defunction of the institution of marriage. Like the problems with balancing the U.S. federal debt because everyone wants all they can get and none is willing to use better intelligence or patriotism to make society work better and cheaper the homosexual marriage cult wants the benefits in taxation, insurance and such that followed the heterosexual tradition.
In social history evolution does occur making original forms and structures obsolete, perhaps marriage is moving in that direction. I believe that Kentucky still has some laws regarding dueling, and some place it’s probably illegal to park one’s horse in front of city hall more than an hour. The liberation of women in America after the invention of birth control and a variety of changes benefiting the feminine sector regarding employment, changes in the family structure with the majority of marriages becoming divorces and the changes in mass communication, social institutions etc. made it possible for marriage to become a social option rather than a necessity in the U.S.A. Many couples ‘live in sin’ without marriage while homosexual politicians and judges have forced through many laws of advantage to homosexuals. It is thus logical that the homosexual radical movement has sought to co-opt marriage for-themselves especially since A.I.D. treatment for life costs something like a half million dollars per individual infected.
Confucius made a project of rectifying names; making labels and social structures correspond better to the way things are. The United States should evolve its heteronomy to be a new establishment in law for-itself and provide anyone that seeks to enter that male-female union whatever benefits it deems necessary. There is a certain movement in the U.S.A. to bar psychologist as councilors from deprogramming individuals from homosexuality.  I believe there is some sort of plaintiff rationale that no sex discrimination should exist anywhere-that is, no sort of sex differentiation ought to exist. Programs for women with children should be available to homosexuals with whatever children they can adopt or import from a prior hetero-relation.
 Male and female toilets, showers in sports facilities and a more tribal, hunter gatherer lifestyle for the poor and middle class should be the norm with the rich probably too busy to join the herd. I suppose those people don’t want free speech in disagreement with their opinions or private property either. The problems for social history without plain lines of descent will be troublesome too. Perhaps that is the goal of a renewed Marxist-Leminism.